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Chelsea are facing a total media ban in China following Kenedy’s social media mishap last week , also for the best free wordpress themes check out 24x7 wordpress themes free download according to the the Mirror.

As the Mirror report, on Monday, Blues winger Kenedy was sent home early from Chelsea’s pre-season tour of the Far East by manager Antonio Conte in wake of a series of offensive messages posted on the Brazilian’s Instagram account.

The Mirror report that the People’s Daily, the main publication of the Communist Party in China, accused the Blues of ‘humiliating’ the country and threatened to treat the club as ‘persona non grata’.

As well as sending the player home, the Premier League champions took to their website to issue an apology to the people of China.

However, despite the club’s best attempts to make amends for the Brazilian’s offensive posts, the Mirror reports that the Chinese press have been ordered to “withdraw all related stories about Chelsea from their homepages and news apps”.

Chelsea’s potential ban from all Chinese media could greatly affect the club’s reputation in China and the East, a market which the club has been trying to break for some time, according to reports in the Mirror.


  1. What on earth was that dope Kenedy thinking.
    Does he not know that when they travel to these countries particularly places like China they are ambassadors for their clubs, and you treat said countries with the greatest of respect, and humility.
    This fool Kenedy has caused our football club probably irreparable damage, after all the hard work the club and it’s officials had done, and we’re doing to break into the far east market big time he has ruined it.
    First thing is get rid of him, then CFC have to try to repair the damage as best they can.

  2. This isn’t right at all, the fault of one man cannot affect the whole team, please they should talk over this because this is football. It all brings us together no matter what.

  3. Eric in a situation like that it’s the club that suffers and that’s why players r suppose to mind what they do to avoid tarnishing the image of his club.When citizens of any country r known for a character it affects the whole of a country let alone a football club.Kenedy messed up,he behaved unprofessional and if he has said such things abt my own country I will as well hate him and the hatred will affect the club he plays for even to his own country of origin.

  4. They should have understood that its not CFC’s fault, we’ve done our part to amend the situation, they can do whatsoever they like.


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