Michael Emenalo

Big news! The wind of change has reached the very top, not the very very top, of the Chelsea hierarchy, with the club reportedly considering to let go off current technical director, Michael Emenalo.

According to Dan Levene of Eurosport, Chelsea are not satisfied with the performance of the former Nigeria international in relation with the last couple of transfer windows. As we have not landed the players we wanted/needed and the players we ended up signing have failed miserably, sort of. All of this would have been okay if the team was performing on the pitch, but the board are apparently in the frame of thought that everyone should share the blame for the bad results. Here is what Levene has to say about it:

“The signs that Emenalo’s star is fading are subtle – but difficult to ignore. He is understood to have objected to two of the more controversial signings of the January window: the taking of Alexandre Pato on loan, and the buying outright of Matt Miazga.

Both deals bore the fingerprints of football agent and fixer Kia Joorabchian – who immediately before had managed to secure a remarkable £25m for Chelsea to ship fringe midfielder Ramires to China.

The unofficial position as Chelsea’s preferred agent, taken for the most part by Jorge Mendes during Mourinho’s tenure, seems to have been recently occupied by Joorabchian. And, with manager-in-waiting Antonio Conteapparently making noises about wanting his own man in at technical director level, the news for Emenalo does not look especially promising.”

Emenalo’s most famous moment in his Chelsea days was undisputedly the ill-timed, mis-phrased and blown out of proportion interview with Chelsea TV after the sacking of The Special One. An interview where two peculiar terms made our director the most hated man for many, the first being him claiming that there was “palpable discord” between the players and manager (which of course brought plenty of wrath for the players, but the news-barer had to bear some of the hate for bringing the bad news, apparently), the other fatal mistake Emenalo committed was calling Mou “the individual” which is to be honest, quite a mighty fall from “The Special One”. Before the interview however, the 50 year-old was quite popular among the fans, and was even considered one of the best at what he does by many critics, having utilized his relationship with some of the best scouts in the game to land talents like Courtois, De Bruyne and Lukaku and plenty of others. But fan unsatisfaction was too big for his previous success to help him, which isn’t to say that fan opinion will play a role in what our board (and ultimately our owner) decide.

It goes without saying that such rumors are nothing to fuss about unless they become too repetitive to ignore, but they are always a good opportunity for everyone to express their opinions on such matter. Mine being that we should just take a look at our peers, like the duo of Manchester, for example. They both have alleged world class scouts and directors, City even have the executives who’ve started the “Tiki-taka revolution” back in Spain, and yet with all their resources, they were unable to build strong balanced squads, with this summer window aside, we have outdone pretty much every other English team when it came to transfers, and we were only beaten by a handful of clubs in that matter, so unless we are getting one of their directors, it is perhaps better if we stay with the formula that has worked-relatively- successfully for us.


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Sergio Aguilar

Thack you lord for this, he’s man only bad decisions ramael, pato etc and sale ramirez david luis bruye this man sucks

john hadlow
john hadlow

Vardy would do.

john hadlow
john hadlow

Your having a laugh, Ememalo is the problem, I hope he is gone by the end of the season. We need a few English players who have the heart like Terry, Lampard, and Cole. That’s what’s missing, as they say, when the going get tough, the tough get going.


Please name one ”English players who have the heart like Terry, Lampard, and Cole” and i bet you Emenalo will sign him for you.