Gaming portal Poki and mobile studio Cosi Games have teamed up to release Pelé: Soccer Legend on the web. The extremely fun, full-featured mobile game now has the chance to become an Internet sensation. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, gamers play as the Brazilian all-star. Even dedicated Chelsea FC fans will find much to love about this game. After all, Pelé’s inspiring talent and record-breaking stats are undeniable. is an international playground that offers a bountiful collection of high-quality web games. Every title is completely free on the cross-platform portal. From the sports gameplay of Pelé: Soccer Legend to the multiplayer action in recent .io games, no genre is forgotten. Poki’s collection is available in dozens of languages, making games accessible to millions of visitors around the world.

Pelé: Soccer Legend is the sports game for everyone. Its controls are delightfully simple, consisting of one button or zero, depending on the device. Players with touch-screen monitors will swipe the screen to kick. On a basic desktop or laptop computer, swiping is performed via the mouse. Clicking and dragging the mouse is nearly just as easy as swiping. The freedom of this control scheme is ideal for gaining complete command over Pelé’s motions. If a straight shot is desired, simply swipe straight and fast. To bend the ball, swipe in a curved direction. The speed, angle, and distance of each swipe determines the path of the ball. With enough practice, players can wield the awe-inspiring powers of Pelé.

The Brazilian legend is known for more than just free kicks. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, players have the ability to perform all of his best moves. The signature bicycle kick is one of many unique shots available in the game. At the end of each level, a bonus round gives gamers the chance to execute highlight-reel kicks. Using the swiping mechanism, performing a header is no different than kicking. This means it only takes minutes to get better, as opposed to the years of hard work Pelé dedicated to the sport.

In the real world, most teams don’t score more than 2 goals per game. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, players can expect to score much more than twice. Despite looking and feeling like a real penalty kick, the action in this game is arcade-based. It’s mean to draw more cheers than nil-nil results. During the first two rounds of play, gamers must score 10 goals to advance. After that, individual level missions vary greatly. Target rounds challenge players to hit small circles in the net. Point rounds face players with precision goals. In those levels, kicking the ball past the goalkeeper isn’t good enough. Instead, players must channel their inner Pelé and aim with all-star accuracy.


Pelé: Soccer Legend is also available on iOS and Android. Mobile variants of the game include additional levels and modes. In the locker room, players can modify Pelé’s appearance with new uniforms and shoes. There are also funny wigs, comical shorts, and alternate skin tones to create entirely new athletes. Instead of being Pelé, gamers can compete with alien footballers! On a less silly note, the mobile version of Pelé: Soccer Legend includes a comprehensive multiplayer mode. This lets gamers go head-to-head in various scoring challenges. The multiplayer mode is a fun way to see how you compete with the rest of the world.

Whether playing on a desktop or mobile device, Pelé: Soccer Legend offers something for everyone. The web version represents a satisfying venture in the 3D sports world. Learn from Pelé’s storied past, and make his greatest moves your own.

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