Over the years Chelsea have been linked with Brazilian superstar Neymar on countless occasions. It’s no surprise when you see some of the skills he performs during games and how his been playing for his club side FC Barcelona since joining in 2013.

Realistically we’re never going to see Neymar playing his trade at Stamford Bridge , also for the best free wordpress themes check out 24x7 wordpress themes free download  the closest most Blues fans are going to get is if Antonio Conte’s side manages to qualify for the Champions League and draw Barca next season.

However, there is now another way!

Panasonic are offering you the fans the chance to appear alongside Neymar in a Crazy Skills movie.

All you have to do is visit the website below and choose the skill that you think you can perform ranging from an Around The World to an Elastico. (if you cant do any yet they’ll even help you learn how to perform them like Neymar) and then follow the instructions to submit your skill videos via Twitter.

Click here to start you journey to video stardom!

Neymar has never played against Chelsea and was still a youngster at Santos the last time the Blues took on the Catalan giants in 2012.

Before the game of 21 he’d already won six trophies with Santos, including the Copa Libertadores. Since signing for Barca in 2013 he has won the Champions League, La Liga twice, the Copa del Rey on two occasions, one Supercopa de Espana title and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2015 and his still only 24 years of age.

On the international stage this summer he won an Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016 as captain.

For someone fairly young his already fourth on the list of all-time goalscorers for Brazil, scoring an impressive 49 goals in 73 matches.

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