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After much fanfare and many wild emotions on the transfer deadline day , also for the best free wordpress themes check out 24x7 wordpress themes free download the shocking move of our summer was confirmed: David Luiz was back!

We and our previous future captain had to wait the whole of the international break and even the Swansea game, where David Luiz could not get off the bench, until we finally got to see him in Blue once again.

As fate would have it, David Luiz was set to start against Liverpool after Terry’s injury, the very same team against which he made his first appearance for us and the first step he made to our hearts. That game ended in a disappointing 0-1 victory and David Luiz probably was hoping to get something better out of his Chelsea debut this time around. Unfortunately, that wasn’t exactly what happened and Chelsea ended up losing 2-1 at home to Liverpool on Friday.

But by all ways and means, it was not the fault of David Luiz. The Brazilian was actually one of our best performers, if not the best. A notion most neutrals who are not biased to English players (I’m talking about you, Souness) would agree with, quite simply because it is backed up by most facts.

Our enthusiastic defender led the team in passes, touches of the ball, clearances and even shots! And was massively let down by his defensive partner, who may have had the worst game he’s ever played at Stamford Bridge.

And if you would like to see David Luiz’ performance with your own eyes, here is a video of what he did against Liverpool:


And after a largely positive performance, the defeat really seemed to hurt David Luiz:


All in all, it was a very good debut from the 29 year-old, result aside. We can generally assume that he will continue to perform well (with the occasional brain-farts that are so famously linked with David Luiz, but are actually made even by the top three defenders in the world) so let’s hope our Geezer continues performing and in tonight’s game against Leicester City.

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