Andrea Belotti

Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea is a thing of the past, he will be lining up for Manchester United at next season’s curtain raiser.

For Antonio Conte, the task is simple, adequately replace Diego Costa, or face reliving the Blues’ failures of the past. Lukaku appeared to fit like a glove, but the deal never materialised.

Now it’s very much a case of two strikers, who have been heavily linked with a move to the Premier League champions – Andrea Belotti and Alvaro Morata. But who would be a better fit to spearhead Conte’s attack?

Alvaro Morata

La Liga 2016/17:
Goals: 15
Penalty goals: 0
Assists: 4
Minutes per goal: 89.4
Minutes per goal or assist: 70.5
Shots per goal: 3.6

Andrea Belotti

Serie A 2016/17:

Goals: 26
Penalty goals: 2
Assists: 7
Minutes per goal: 118
Minutes per goal or assist: 93
Shots per goal: 5

Stats via Squawka & WhoScored.

Morata appears to be the more productive striker, but the sample size is less than half the size of Belotti’s. The latter directly contributed to 33 goals for a mid-table side, whereas the majority of Morata’s goals came either off the bench or against minnows.

The major question mark over Morata is whether he can perform consistently while being the primary carrier of a team’s goal burden – Belotti has proven himself able, even if it was for just one season.

Ultimately, both are going to cost the club an arm and a leg, and you cannot say that either are safe bets. Conte is going to have to make a decision, take a risk, and pray that it pays off.

Let us know who you think Chelsea should sign.


  1. Agree with Mooko – Caballero is a bad buy. The Blues should have got a young goalkeeper as a long term replacement for Courtois. And by the way things are going, who knows is Courtois will be around after this season – so best to be prepared for that eventuality.

  2. This mess was created by Conte to begin with … the amateur-like txt to Costa which was certainly ill-advised. Now he must deal with it. I believe Belotti is the better striker – he has a better work rate and fits perfectly into Conte’s preferred style of play. Conte should also start trusting and playing Batshuayi more as he has the potential to become a powerhouse, probably even more potent than Lukaku.

  3. Belotti is a greater striker but has a very hefty price tag for someone who only burst onto the scene last scene. Anyways we should trust Conte with whoever he opts for

  4. I think Aubameyang is a far better option ,if not they should settle with Costa,NCOs going for belloti or Morata is a gamble.

  5. Conte should sign Belotti because he is his Italian Mate and their way of playing is relatively same as well as they will understand each other better.

  6. Why dont you put a voting poll to see which striker do we want and another thing post real news and facts some of us are tired of the false hope youre giving us on your news feed. Now the Problem is that if Conte wasn’t being harsh to Costa we wouldn’t be in this mess… Conte doesn’t trust young talents especially Batsuayi and wants powerhouses like Lukaku , but oops he went to Manchester! The Chelsea Board is slow to buy transfers and why the hell would you sign Caballero???? Aren’t they other young goalkeepers which they could buy to be long term replacements for Courtois

  7. Andrea Belotti has a really good work rate off and on the ball.he has good pace and very difficult for defenders…Antonio Conte should go for him.


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