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Would Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang be at good fit at Chelsea? We’ve taken a look at what the stats say.

As per Sky Sports, the Premier League champions have been offered the chance to sign Aubameyang for £70M, which in the current market, seems like a fair price. It is, however, a lot of money, so we need to be sure he could replicate his Dortmund performances in a Chelsea shirt.

The most logical way to assess whether Aubameyang could perform in Conte’s side is to compare him with the previous two centre-forwards to have excelled under the Italian’s stewardship – Carlos Tevez and Diego Costa. With the data provided by the excellent Squawka, we can measure Aubameyang up against the pair.

Let’s start with the bare basics for a centre-forward:
(League stats only)

Goals: Tevez 19, Costa 20, Aubameyang 31
Shots: Tevez 126, Costa 111, Aubameyang 117
Shots per goal: Tevez 6.6, Costa 5.6, Aubameyang 3.8
Shot accuracy: Tevez 59%, Costa 53%, Aubameyang 63%

Aubameyang, as you may expect after the stellar campaign he had last time around, excels. In fact, he puts both Tevez and Costa to shame. What about the nature of the goals he scored? How does that compare to his attacking counterparts?

Goals from penalties: Tevez 1, Costa 0, Aubameyang 2
Goals from set-pieces: Tevez 1, Costa 7, Aubameyang 6
Goals inside the area: Tevez 14, Costa 18, Aubameyang 31
Goals outside the area: Tevez 5, Costa 2, Aubameyang 0
Headed goals: Tevez 0, Costa 2, Aubameyang 6
Strong foot: Tevez 17, Costa 13, Aubameyang 16
Weak foot: Tevez 2, Costa 5, Aubameyang 9

On the surface of it, Aubameyang appears to be the most complete striker out of the three. Despite all of his goals coming inside the penalty area, he scored considerably more with his weaker foot, and also with his head. It is unusual for a player to have as a prolific season as he did without padding his stats from the penalty spot, too.

In 2017, the role of the striker goes beyond finding the back of the net, there is also a requirement to combine with his teammates. He is the focal point of the attack, and thus further emphasis is placed on link-up play. Here’s how the three perform:

Assists: Tevez 7, Costa 7, Aubameyang 2
Chances created (per 90 mins): Tevez 2.01, Costa 1.23, Aubameyang 0.84
Key passes (per 90 mins): Tevez 1.77, Costa 1.02, Aubameyang 0.78
Pass completion: Tevez 82%, Costa 75%, Aubameyang 71%
Successful take-ons: Tevez 1.77, Costa 1.58, Aubameyang 0.55
Successful take-on percentage:  Tevez 44%, Costa 41.2%, Aubameyang 34.7%

The aforementioned stats do not tell the whole picture, there’s no doubt about that, but they do suggest that both Tevez and Costa are more efficient on the ball than Aubameyang. This was often one of Costa’s biggest criticisms, but he appears to outperform Aubameyang, at least statistically. There are also suggestions that Aubameyang is not using his electric pace effectively, with both Tevez and Costa beating opponents more regularly and more successfully.

Nobody is perfect, and if Aubameyang can produce that kind of goal output in the Premier League, nobody is going to be talking about how passes he completes.

Ultimately, it’s going to come down to personal opinion, so let us know in the comments whether you think Aubameyang is worth a reported £70M fee!

All data provided by Squawka


  1. At age of 28 player is established already, but 70M pounds is overpriced. It’d be right let’s say if he would be 24-25 yo.

  2. I don’t think he will fit our style of play I think belloti and benteke will be better and at better prices especially the later benteke is a demon in front of goal think of wat he will do given the Chelsea midfield pls CFC be wise

  3. The stat above speaks enough of his capability. A good player does not need to play in a particular league in order to prove himself. He’s definitely gona make it in England. The only obstacle as the 1st dude commented is our possibility of Rounding up his transfer to Stanford bridge

  4. There is no doubt in my mind that the striker will perform excellently well for chelsea,scoring fantastic goals to take chelsea to another level in Epl &UCL.. The only doubt is the possibility of coming to stamford bridge.

  5. At 28 You Cant Teach An Old Dog A New Style.The Main Role Of A Striker Is To Score Goals.If He Can Beat A 25 Goal Mark.Why Must He Even Pass.We Have Pass Specialists Already:fab,haz.Will,luiz,mos,alons Etc In This Inflated Market,that Price Is A Bargain!


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