Not again…

According to The Sun, Manchester United are set to hijack Chelsea’s pursuit of AS Monaco midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko.

Bakayoko’s transfer to Chelsea seemed like a foregone conclusion, and many of us were just awaiting official confirmation. However, it looks as though we may have hit a bump in the road, and Man United have taken full advantage.

As per The Sun, Monaco grew frustrated with the speed of Chelsea’s negotiations to sign Bakayoko, or rather lack there of, and the deal has subsequently stalled.

The tabloid believe that if United are unable to sign Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic, they will turn to Bakayoko.

It would be the second time in the space of a week that Jose Mourinho has swooped in and stolen a player from his former employers, after the Red Devils agreed a deal to sign Chelsea target Romelu Lukaku.

Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that the deal still goes through.


  1. Frustration is a bastard. It can make you say anything. Am sure the dude did not mean that sentence. We re blues blood and bones. Chelsea should pls sign Bakayoko. Player with a lot of qualities. I can’t stand the reds hijacking our targets.

  2. One does not just support the football club they have supported all their life because once you are in it, you are in it for life but I am sure the statement was made more out of frustration than an actual intention to stop supporting the club. I would want the whole board sacked if we as fans have to go through the same embarrassment again.

  3. Mourinho wants to get back at Chelsea and the board and owner are giving him a free right to mess up this club. Abramovich should call this board to order , veto and override some issues with the urgency it deserves. If this one happens again, I will stop supporting this club. What a shame and embarrassment.

    • Another loyal supporter not. I’m sure we will miss you at the bridge, That’s if you’ve actually ever been to the bridge….. part time plastic fan.

    • Don’t support the club then it’s people like you what spoil Chelsea glory hunters you back the club through thick and thin the good and bad times no sit there bitching about it


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