2020 Super Bowl Odds: 49ers New Top Fan Favorite, Bets High On NFL East, Event Details

With only a few weeks left before the end of the NFL 2019 season, Super Bowl odds are now in favor of teams Ravens, Patriots, 49ers, and Saints. On the other hand, many experts consider the NFL East teams Cowboys and Eagles well worth the risk. 

The Niners’ odds of winning the championship are looking up, thanks to the deal they made to get former Patriot backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Garappolo’s and the Niners’ performance this season proves that this deal is one of the best in modern NFL history. 

Unfortunately, the Niners lost to Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, which means they’re now tied to the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks for the best record in the NFC. 

Latest Super Bowl 54 Odds Tally 

Below are the updated Super Bowl odds (Week 16) to win 2020 as of December 15 according to Sports Odds Daily via Oddsshark. 

  • Baltimore Ravens   +220
  • New England Patriots  +450
  • San Francisco 49ers +450
  • New Orleans Saints  +550
  • Kansas City Chiefs  +700
  • Seattle Seahawks  +1100
  • Green Bay Packers +1400
  • Minnesota Vikings  +2800
  • Houston Texans +3500
  • Tennessee Titans  +3500
  • Dallas Cowboys +4000
  • Philadelphia Eagles  +4000
  • Buffalo Bills  +4500
  • Los Angeles Rams   +6600
  • Pittsburgh Steelers   +6600

The current Super Bowl odds are going to change over time due to varying factors such as injuries that may occur.  

Highest Super Bowl Odds 

The Baltimore Ravens now rank first with a 12-2 record. With Lamar Jackson, they are now an inch closer to the AFC. Their Super Bowl odds continue to improve, and they now have 9/4 odds to win the championship. 

Although their home loss was discouraging, the 49ers advanced as the second most favorite team with an 11-3 record. The defense team got injured, and they struggled to get through Atlanta’s defense. 

Third in rank is Kansas City Chiefs, with a record of 10-4, they have a solid defense, but we’re hoping they will surprise us with a strong offense like last season. New Orleans Saints comes in fourth, with a record of 11-3. 

If you’re looking for the safest pick, Saints is your team. They have +550 value so they can offer a decent or substantial return. 

The Niners have just recently overtaken Saints in third place before it became the top 1 fan favorite, but their position is still shaky because the Saints have one of the most complete rosters and a hall of fame quarterback. If you’re putting your money on Saints, they have the third-best odds to win this season.

Not far behind is the Seattle Seahawks with a record of 11-3 and now first place in the NFC West. The Seahawks have become the 6th best favorite team, and oddsmakers adjusted their odds to win 8/1. They have one of the highest chances of winning #1 seed in the NFC. 

Their loss against the Los Angeles Rams set them back to 10/1 odds of winning, but they were able to bounce back with their most recent win in Week 15. 

Cowboys’ and Eagles’ Overlooked Potential

Although it’s clear that winning the championship for Eastern teams is a long shot, there are still reasons why putting your money on the Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles are worth the risk. 

With both teams listed at +4000, a $100 bet would return $4000, and that’s why these two teams are eye-candies for the gamblers. 

The Cowboys used to be part of the teams listed in the top fan favorites back in August. They only need to win the East division to get to the playoffs. The Cowboys already won against Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, so if they make it out as champions in their division, they will definitely host a playoff game. 

Despite fans’ growing concern over Carson Wentz’s health, the Philadelphia Eagles also have the same chance. The odds of them winning Super Bowl 54 is definitely not that bright right now, but winning in the Eastern division will have them hosting the playoffs. 

Although the NFC Western division teams seem to have the odds in their favor, these Eastern teams are not one to underestimate as they have what it takes to bag level the playing field. 

Championship Event Details

The championship game of Super Bowl 54 will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens this coming February 2020. However, the odds of playing the Super Bowl championship are low for home teams Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes. 

The stadium was chosen by the NFL to host this season back in 2016 because of the warm Miami weather and because the stadium’s renovation was completed. 

They spent $450 million for the renovations, and because of it, there are now new video boards, suites, and seating pods. The seating capacity is now down to 65,000, which is down ten thousand people from before. 

The Miami area will host the Super Bowl for the 11th time, making them the most NFL hosted area in the country.