4 Best Football Prop Betting Games In The 2020-21 NFL Season 

Patience is a virtue, and all of us may run out of this most of the time. This cliche is applicable when you find interest in the sports betting industry where its nature is gambling. You need a lot of patience because it’s a game of luck. Apart from that, you compete with yourself in choosing which entry you can wager and win. 

One of the most popular sports betting games you can play in is football. The NFL season is about to start on September 10, 2020. In line with this, the biggest football teams in the United States will contend in a 17-week playoff until the Super Bowl LV. That said, the betting games will also take place where you can substantially earn when you gamble correctly. 

Aside from the Points Spread and Money Lines, Prop Bets are also one of the most anticipated football betting games you can play. Unlike the Points Spread and Money Lines, where you need comprehensive research in choosing the right entry, Prop bets are a no-brainer. It is where the oddsmaker sets a proposition, and you should only guess the possible outcome. 

If you want to find huge opportunities of earning in NFL prop bets for 2020, here are the top five most played propositions to consider. 

Coin Toss Result 

So, what is a coin toss? In less than three minutes before the match starts, the two competing teams will gather in the centerfield with the referee conducting a coin toss. Before it’s flipped, the team captain of the visiting team must choose either “heads or tail.” The winner will then have the privilege to choose whether they will start or receive the kick-off and pick which goal to defend. 

In NFL Prop bets, coin tosses are the most played propositions to wager. You only have to predict whether the result is head or tails. Looking into the history of previous NFL games coin tosses, the results were mostly tails.  In the upcoming NFL season, you can choose to guess that the coin toss will still result in tails. But who knows. It might flip the other way around.

First Kick-off Is A Touchback 

The next most-played NFL prop bet is proposing whether the kick-off is a touchback. As stated, a kick-off is a privilege given to the coin toss winner. On the other hand, the touchback is a ruling in football where the ball reaches behind the goal line. If it happens, it’s considered a dead ball, and the other team can restart the game. 

It is a popular prop bet to play since you can earn right away as the game begins. There are a series of kick-offs that can happen in a single football match. Thus, your options for earning might become limitless. Make sure to take a close look at the kicker’s statistics and how he’s been accurate in the past on whether or not to send the ball as a touchback.

Safety Scored 

If you are a sports bettor, your goal is to wager for a category where you can win big consistently. Technically, most bettors want to earn as much as they want, but as mentioned, it is a game of luck. If you want to find a football prop bet category, which provides you a significant payout, Safety Scored is the proposition to count on. 

The team will earn a safety score when the ball is forced out of the boundaries or tackled in the end zone. It is also called Safety if the ball is dead in the end zone or the offense committed a foul in the end zone. Safety Scored prop bets are hugely played by many bookies every year, so don’t hesitate to gamble for this in the upcoming NFL season. 

Shortest Touchdown Scored 

Aside from the Safety Scored prop bet, a touchdown is also a betting proposition to consider. Bookies create a betting line for two competing teams as to which player can perform the shortest touchdown. It allows you to wager on the yardage where a player can do the shortest touchdown regardless of how he hustled inside the field. 

A touchdown score happens when a football player advances the ball towards the opponent’s end zone. It is acquired either by passing, running, returning a kick-off, or recovering a turnover. When you play this prop bet, be careful with those prop bets that look too easy. 


Prop bets are easy NFL betting games where you don’t need to spend a lot of time scrutinizing the odds. As stated, you only need the right guess to the propositions and win instantly. It may not test your real betting capacity, but in the end, there is a huge prize at stake to look forward to. If you want to find your luck in the upcoming NFL prop bets, the above propositions would greatly help.