A pre season of bluffing or a season of roulette ahead?

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After an uninspiring defeat against Manchester City in the Community Shield, some fans have been sensing doom and gloom ahead of the upcoming Premier League season for the mighty Blues.

Of course, there are some fans who point to reasons to be positive but others already seem to be worrying that Roman Abramovich has once again gambled too far with the club through several dramatic actions.  

You could compare some of these to an elaborate poker bluff, especially the delaying of his plans to build a new stadium and the fact that he appears prepared to sell Thibaut Courtois. Both of these actions suggest that, should Maurizio Sarri fail to bring success to the Blues this year, it could finally be the case that Abramovich decides he has had enough. 

A big bluff? 

Arguably, though, the events surrounding Roman are really more about his battles with the government and could, therefore, be seen as a move intended to impact upon them. After all, if he shows he is prepared to stop investing vast sums into the UK unless the government can resolve his visa delay, he could instigate more decisive action from those in power. 

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This same tactic could resolve things with the club on a smaller level by the season start, especially if the club has managed to retain Eden Hazard, recruit a new world class ‘keeper (or retained Courtois) and has started to adapt to Sarri’s style of football.

Reason for optimism

It seems clear that nothing is decided yet, and it would be unwise to write the Blues off in the betting landscape, something which is, at this point in time, very important for Betway players looking at the many hundreds of future markets the operator offers to bear in mind as we start to make longer-term predictions about the season.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has put the club’s stadium plans on hold.

The new 60,000 seat Stamford Bridge could now cost £1bn.

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In fact, perhaps the most important reason for optimism is the mess that other clubs seem to be in. Spurs are without a stadium for the start of the season, Arsenal will self-implode as always, and Manchester United look like they are going to struggle to keep their manager beyond Christmas. Bearing this in mind, as well as the fact that the team who wins the Community Shield is almost always cursed in their title hunt, maybe Chelsea fans just need to keep the faith.