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Making money from weekend coupons is ridiculously difficult as any football punter knows from painful experience, so perhaps you should forget accumulators and win every time with Matched Betting.

The idea that you can guarantee to beat the bookie will seem far-fetched to most punters who pretty much accept they are going to lose when picking their eight homes, five aways or whatever acca they do week after week.  But it is true, you can make a guaranteed profit from betting and it doesn’t require inside info or gambling expertise.

Websites like have been showing people how it’s done for over 10 years and not only sports enthusiasts, but people from all walks of life and interests are getting involved.

Matched betting uses the free bets and bonuses given away by bookmakers to guarantee a profit. If you like to a punt on an accumulator there’s a good chance your bookmaker is offering Acca Insurance, your stake back as a free bet if one selection loses.  Matched bettors are using this offer to guarantee a profit for every accumulator they place. I’ll not go into the detail of how it is done but will explain the basic concept of matched betting and you can decide if you prefer to make a regular donation to the bookmakers’ benefit or make yourself some easy money at their expense.

This method came about with advent of betting exchanges at the turn of the millennium.  A few sharp operators realised they could use the free bets they’d received from their bookmaker to guarantee a profit no matter what the result. After placing the free bet, they bet against their selection on the betting exchange using some maths to work out a stake that would ensure a similar profit no matter what the result.

In order to get a free bet however you are required to place a bet with your own money. When the odds on the betting exchange and bookmaker are close enough, a similar technique can be applied to ensure you earn your free bet at no cost or just a few pence. Matched bettors work on making £20 profit from a £25 free bet, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less.

People found it hard work to trawl through betting sites to find suitable offers and closely matched odds to make the venture viable. But, thanks to the development of odds matching software and matched betting calculators it’s become a breeze and people are taking up matched betting in their droves.

There are loads of bookmakers giving away free bets as an incentive to sign up and bet on their websites and they run lots of free bet promotions to keep you betting there. Matched betting sites aggregate the offers, provide guides on how to do every offer along with the software to find and calculate your bets.

People are making £500 to £1000 from bookmaker welcome offers alone and it’s easy to make £500 per month doing offers for around 30 minutes a day. Some people are boasting they make £2000 on average each month but that will take a lot of dedication.

If you’re not convinced, you should know that matched betting has been tried by the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Huffington Post who have all run features stating it is true, matched betting really works and you can keep winning week after week.

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