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The blue daze has recently released an illustrated sticker collection of Chelsea’s stars.

The original designs combine fan sentiment with a consistent style to personalise the character of each Chelsea player.

Corey, the owner of the blue daze believes the stickers are a natural evolution of the designs/illustrations that have been previously shared on social media.

“I’m just a fan doing what fans do. I think these stickers are a brilliant expression of passion and I wanted to share that with other Chelsea fans who are as passionate
As I am.”

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Available from the blue daze store, the weatherproof vinyl stickers are available individually or as a set sticker pack of three.

“Diego’s is my favourite sticker. His fight and ferocity on the pitch brings a storm of controversy, but it’s completely endearing to us Chelsea fans. I wanted to show that with the chaotic bubble behind him. It’s like he is emerging from a fight unscathed. I just love it.”

With 11 stickers to currently choose from, Corey plans on adding more stickers to the collection very soon with the likes of Michy Batshuayi, Willian and David Luiz in production.

“Proudly expressing your passion for something is done
No better than plastering a sticker to a surface. Bringing
My illustrations to a sticker format felt like a natural

The vinyl stickers can be adhered to any non-porous surface, with Corey hoping Chelsea fans get creative with where they stick them.

“I have a few on my laptop but you can put them anywhere. laptops, skateboards, helmets, lockers, windows, walls. I’d love see where they end up and how they’re being used to support our players. That’s what its all for.”

To get your sticker, visit the blue daze store at and follow Corey on Instagram or twitter to stay up to date with new arrivals and all things Chelsea.

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