Bookmakers are offering live streaming more and more 

Live streaming is one great feature you can expect to find at an online bookmaker’s site. It lets you watch the match live for countless events that take place on the site. Most of these bookmakers offer you HD quality. Although the idea has been around since the beginning of online better, it was not until the mid of the last 10 years that online bookmakers began to take the idea seriously. Nowadays, all high-quality bookmakers offer an online streaming service. They cover thousands of events live each year.

Why is Live Streaming So Popular? 

If you are wondering where to find live streaming sites, you can find bookmakers that offer Live Streaming on No matter what sport you love to bet on, you will most likely find a bookmaker that is just right for you.
One of the main reasons why live streaming has become so popular is that everyone wants to see the sports event on which they are punting. No matter your background, you were most likely a fan before you began punting on it. Live streaming is simply a way for each sports lover to enjoy the live action as their favourite players battle it out on the field free.
The live feed will also help you improve the chances of making accurate predictions on any in-play event. Being able to watch the performance of each side lets you make conclusions that are more accurate, which could help you win more money.
In recent years, a new feature has been introduced called Multi-LIVE. While only offered by a few top betting sites, it is likely that more bookmakers will follow. This is due to the growing popularity of the feature. With Multi Live, you are able to watch and at the same time bet on various events. This is made possible using the Fast Bet option.

How to Make Use of Live Streaming

The first thing you need to do is conduct your own analysis and find the most profitable opportunities out there. Sometimes, even the best bookmakers slip up when making estimations about the match. This is especially so when an underdog is doing well compared to the favourite of the match. Besides that, they might offer great odds for a goal being scored towards the end of the match, when both teams need the goal. Live streaming will allow you to follow the match and place your bet when the time is right.

Besides that, take time to understand the team. Being a good punter is about being an expert on the team. Ensure that you watch many matches from a small pool of competitions, which will help you understand the matches better. If you decide to bet on just a few teams, you can take time and watch their performance at home, away, against small and bigger opponents.

Get to understand what is going on when teams are on the field. Various things take place each time a team is on the field and you would not understand it unless you saw them play a few times. For instance, a team’s aggressiveness might be leaving them open to red cards or their top goalkeeper might be out with an injury. In most cases, a bookie will not take the risk of altering their odds. As a result, this increases your odds of walking away with a victory.

What Sports are streamed? 

Almost all major sports events can be watched online as long as the bookmaker offers the service. The most common games that are live streamed are tennis, basketball, ice hockey, American football, and horseracing.
The Bundesliga 1, 2, Europa League, Italian Serie A, and Spanish La Liga are the leagues that almost all bookies will stream. Besides that, certain events from England like cup matches and major events from the Championship will often be streamed. Other growing leagues like the Chinese Super League plus Scandinavian Leagues are often streamed on some sites.

Requirements for watching a live event? 

You are required to have an account that has been active at an online bookmaker giving live streaming services. Next, you should confirm if the betting site offers a no deposit streamed events. Bookmakers will allow you to stream the event on your desktop, laptop, or even on a mobile device. You will also need to have an updated Adobe flash player on your browser since most live streaming service use it to encode the live video.
In general, you need to have a stable 3G or Wi-Fi connection to get a good stream. If you are using a wide-band connection, it will need to be of a rate of 512kb/s or higher. When using a wired connection, it should have a download rate of 700kb/s or higher. The OS you use plus the browser you use needs to be updated.

Legal Issues around Live Streaming

As with any new technology, there is going to be some legal problems to overcome. This is true for live streaming sites that have to deal with various legal hurdles. When you access unlicensed streaming content, it is unlikely that you will face any major legal challenges. If it is reputable bookmaker offering the service, you can be sure that it is legal. Live streaming may be illegal depending on the broadcasting rights of the events. Any site that offers live streaming without licensing is doing so illegally. Here are some of the common legal hurdles that exist in the live streaming world:

  • Copyrighted Content

Major live streaming services such as Google Hangouts and Periscope have terms and conditions which make it expressly illegal to violate copyright laws.

  • Private or Commercial Use

If a live stream is being done for making money, there are major legal concerns. Not only are there trademark and patent issues, but the site owner also needs to understand publicity rights, privacy rights, location release, and publicity rights.

  • Location Concerns

When live streaming for personal or commercial use, ensure that you have been given the rights to film from the location where you are.

  • Right of Publicity and Privacy

Everyone has a right to control publicly released information about him or her. This is despite how you share it in private. You have a right to protect your likeness and name from being used to make money.

  • Disclosure

Sites that stream live must disclose that the ads viewers see have been paid for.

Pros and Cons of Live Streaming

Concluding the review on live streaming by bookmakers, here are the pros and cons of this service.


  • Access to major sports events including basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, and even cricket, snooker, and darts
    • The ability to place bets while watching the match without any limits
    • The requirement to place money ensures that the site is not overcrowded, which can affect the quality of the live stream


  • You have to open an account and place money with a bookmaker to view the live stream
    • Watching a match on a mobile device is hard without a good internet connection
    • Some events cannot be viewed since some broadcaster have exclusive rights