Bridging the Gap between Fans and New Stadium

New Stamford Bridge

  • £1bn project gets green light
  • £1m settlement
  • 60,000 capacity to make Chelsea biggest club in world football.

The year is 2024 and Chelsea move into their new ground, it’s taken £1bn to get from planning to building but how about selling a few fringe players to get this thing shifted faster you might ask, well when you have ‘neighbour from hell’ issues things tend to take their time.

The recent delay was caused up by retired banker Mr. Crosthwaite and his interior designer wife wanting £20m for the disruption, of course, he was a banker what else could we have expected, makes perfect sense to then settle out of court with a big fat pay-off that was possibly around the £1m mark. Though the agreement is confidential, our suggestion is pure speculation, but then he is a banker!

Once the sunlight was an issue as a ‘family right’, that is now no longer of any importance to Mr. Crosthwaite’s family so now the 60,000 seater project can get the go ahead.

The only way a Chelsea fan could see that sum of money is by tapping up the club sponsors William Hill over at and striking lucky on one of their £1m jackpots.

So with 60,000 seats this now opens up more doors for more family seating and bringing in more fans from abroad and seeing as Chelsea’s Toronto Supporter club just reach it 2,000th member mark it just goes to show, one; Canadians have taste and two; our club is reaching the far parts of the globe that the stadium will have to host down the line.

So legal battles over and an extra dip into the pocket of Abramovich and things are back on track. Despite setbacks this season with the goal of progressing in the Champions League, 2024 should be a long enough benchmark for the club and team to see the title once again be paraded before the move. This said the club will need to find a temporary home in London whilst construction begins in 2020.

Heaven forbid that we face a fateful West Ham episode having seen their fans antics. Though it’s more likely to be an uncomfortable step into the shoes of former Spurs home (Wembley) well, at least the old capital ground has a better chance of seeing trophies on a more regular basis with Chelsea playing there.

Roman Abramovich

It was Abramovich’s belief that the stadium redevelopment would establish the club as one of the biggest in world football, but it’s the talk on the pitch which dictates this so could they have not just snapped up a player like Messi whilst he’s in his prime to pave the way for more supporter interest and greater accomplishments on the field?

We’re sure that if you did a poll across supporters of would you rather sign Messi for £160 million or change the stadium for £1bn, the little Argentinian would have made the owner rethink a few decisions.