Frank Lampard: The Way to Success  

Frank Lampard Celebrates V Ajax
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Due to his strong start as the new Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard is attracting more attention by the day. People are googling phrases like “Frank Lampard age” or “Frank Lampard wife” all the time. We loved him while he played football, but it took most people a while before they started seeing his real value. The new Chelsea manager is a smart, dedicated person we can learn a lot from. 

As a football celebrity, Lampard is different from most others. He loves the game and played it well. But to those who want to become professional athletes, he’s inspiring in another way: knowledge.

Frank Lampard Is Not a Surprising Choice for a Coach 

Many people were surprised to see the former player take on a managerial position in such a prestigious club. They expected to see someone with huge experience in coaching take it. But his former teammates weren’t surprised. Michael Ballack made a supporting statement for SkySports: “From a character point, he was a leader… somebody who was really competitive and really loved football.” 

Football coaches usually hold university degrees in sport sciences, physical education, exercise physiology, or a related field. Jose Mourinho, for example, studied sport science at the Technical University of Lisbon.  

A degree is not mandatory for this position, though. Many experienced players have become successful coaches before (including Alex Ferguson). Those who play football professionally rarely have the time and energy to work towards university degrees. This is different from American football. If we look at Aaron Donald’s college experience, we’ll see that college is practically mandatory for athletes from the USA. They start their careers at college clubs and proceed onto their professional careers. 

In England, things are different. For young players to enter the Premier League, football has to become their life. Can you imagine a professional player training for hours per day, playing at matches, and attending university at the same time? This may be a productive person. They may even hire an essay writing service by UK experts to help with their assignment. They would still be overwhelmed by the volume of work they have to do. 

That being said, Lampard attended the elite Brentwood School between 1989 and 1994. His results there were incredible. He finished with twelve GCSEs, which is above the usual score that students get. 

In 2009, the Chelsea club doctor reported on the results from a research about head injuries affecting the neurological development of football players. For that, the researchers asked players to take IQ tests. It turned out that Lampard’s score was particularly high, placing him in the 0.1% of most intelligent people on the planet.

We take IQ scores with a grain of salt, but let’s be honest: a high score indicates something. In this case, it proves that football players use their brains in addition to their muscles.  

Football is a game of power, muscle, and stamina. However, brains and wit play a huge part in it, too. Frank Lampard’s story of success teaches us that a complete personality will always take us somewhere. It takes not just talent, but dedication as well. 

If you’re looking for ideas for commemorative speech, Frank Lampard’s career may serve as an inspiration. His career as a Chelsea manager just started, but we expect it to be a great one. The club has been searching for its identity for quite some time now. After a struggling period, Lampard’s coming came as the refreshment that everyone needed. 

This is a player we’ve watched rise to fame from a very early age. It’s been a pleasure to see him grow and develop into a coach with loads of potential.  

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Lampard Is a True Inspiration

This Chelsea transfer was controversial, but football transfers always are. Whatever we may feel about it, we can’t deny that it teaches a lesson on commitment, perseverance, and career growth.  

Where do successful people start? In most cases, we’ll see them finding their career path at a very young age. They commit to it with everything they have. Football is one of the most competitive and most challenging sports. If you don’t train daily, you’ll easily lose your spot to someone better. We tend to forget that all other “disciplines” are the same. If you’re a writer and you don’t do your work, the readers will choose to buy someone else’s book. 

Lampard’s story of success is an inspirational one. 

BIO: Joshua Robinson is an avid football fan. When he’s not watching football or making bets, he works as a writer and editor. Joshua has a blog dedicated to life goals. He inspires people to find what they care about and pursue it with full-on passion.