Fun and Engaging Sports Your Kids Can Try This Summer

Depending on where you are living, you might have noticed that the weather is gradually getting warmer. The summer season is inevitably coming. Whether you want something intense or light, find the sport that best suits your style and get active.

Here are some fun sports that can be enjoyed during the hot weather or just because you want an excuse to go outside and play under the sun:

Ultimate Frisbee

This sport is a combination of athleticism, skill and technique. Ultimate Frisbee is a fun game that takes factors from various sports, mixed them together to form a unique sport that is competitive and great as a spectator sport. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport which can be played by either male or female so it is a great activity for your family or social group. However, the best thing about this sport is that it cannot be cheated and bad referee decisions can be avoided. This is because the game is self-refereed. This means both the competing teams focus more on having a good time. You will only need a Frisbee disc to be able to play the game.


Soccer is a sport that is popular in Europe, Asia and is the most common sport played in the United States today. The U.S. Youth Soccer Organization was instituted in 1974 and had only about 80,000 registered players back then. Today, there are almost 3 million players recorded in the organization. The most popular soccer teams train kids as young as 5 years old. Kids usually prefer this kind of sport because of its fast pace that holds their attention. To play this sport, you will need a soccer ball and good soccer shoes. If you are looking for a good pair of soccer shoes, try the new, durable and reliable shoe from Nike.

Extreme Running

This sport involves running fast through a challenging environment or a premade obstacle course. Some internationally renowned Extreme Running competitions are The Tough Mudder and The Color Run. This new sport is a fun and challenging way to get healthy and fit. The sport is usually made in teams who will help your kid push through the obstacles. It is also a good way to help build your kid’s socializing skills. Your kid will need a good shoe to avoid injuries and foot problems. Try the trusted and proven Adidas running shoes here.


All of us know how memorable the time was when we were training to ride our bikes. In the beginning, our bikes still had training wheels and our parents were assisting as at the back. But after a few tries, you are now biking on your own and you now experience your first taste of freedom. In addition to having fun, biking is also a great type of sport and exercise. Youngsters at the age of five can start on cheap three-wheeled toys. Once they have trained, the training wheels can come off after a few months. For safety reasons, it is advised that kids don’t use mountain bikes or other large bikes until the age of 10. Also, never leave your kids riding alone on the streets. Practice them on your driveway or at a nearby park instead.


Skating has been a popular sport among kids of this generation. However, before thinking that your child might fall on hard concrete, you should know that there are a lot of safety measures you can do to help your kid avoid accidents and keep them safe when they go skating. Kids as young as 5 to 6 years old who have already developed good motor skills can start learning how to skate. If your kid is interested in skating, you should first take him to a professional for tutoring. You should also invest in the proper skating gear when he will be attending his first lessons. The basic skating gears include elbow and knee pads, helmets and wrist guards. Also make sure that the skates you buy have built-in brakes.

Nippers and Swimming

When it comes to kids sports, swimming is on top of the minds of most parents especially when one of your family members loves hanging out at the beach or pool during the summer. Nippers is an excellent way of building confidence for your kids and a great chance to teach them about safely having fun in a beach environment. Children as young as 5 to 10 years old can enroll in a swimming program to learn lifesaving skills which they will carry with them throughout their lives. Your little fellas will gain a lot of confidence passing examinations about swimming, spotting a rip, beach sprints and more. Additionally, they will be having fun with new found friends.


If your kid has good motor skills and is interested in playing balls, why not let them enroll at a basketball clinic? This sport is fast-paced and can improve movement skills and confidence like no other similar sport. However, keep in mind that basketball for kids are more about having fun and not about learning advanced techniques. Usually, kids at the age of 10 to 13 years old can start enjoying basketball. If you want to buy basketball clothes and accessories for your kids, check out this site and use the Aboutyou coupon code.


Let your kid try out this racket and ball sport if you think your kid has great hand and eye coordination, good speed and a smart decision maker. Tennis might be a bit intimidating for our kids but there are now programs suited to teach young kids. The programs are conducted on smaller tennis courts, have lightweight rackets and specialized balls that don’t bounce that high making learning easy and fun for our kids.


If your kid loves running around and has too much energy to burn, introduce them to the world of gymnastics. Kids ranging from 6 to 13 years old can now start enrolling at gymnastic centers then watch them become a popular Olympic star someday! The program involves running, throwing and jumping activities modified to suit the abilities and age of the children enrolled.