Herrera denies deliberate spit

Ander HerreraAnder Herrera denies consciously spitting on the crest of Manchester City in the middle of the dramatic derby.

After a disappointing first half with a 2:0 defeat which broke the spines of the Manchester United side, pictures of the ace Midfielder, Ander Herrera who seemed to have spat on the big city crest along the stadium tunnel as the players left the field at half-time.

The picture of Herrera walking right behind the City player, Ilkay Gundogan, where he was captured spitting on the City crest quickly made loud waves on the internet.

Herrera’s behaviour was described as “disrespectful and immature,” but the Spaniard insisted there was no intention to deliberately spit on the ridge and that his actions were unintentional.

A United spokesman said, “Ander saw the footage of the incident and was at the slightest hint that his actions were deliberate, completely random and there was no intention, ashamed.”

When Herrera and his team-mates left the field at half-time, United lost 2-0 after being overtaken by Pep Guardiola’s chosen champions. It must have been assumed by the opposition, Manchester city, that Herrera meant that the team is total trash.

A resumption of the second half triggered by Herrera led Paul Pogba to the first of his two goals, robbed City of the mathematical opportunity to defend the title against their home rivals with six Premier League games.

It is also understood that United’s manager, José Mourinho, towards the end of the game, tossed a coin in his direction, which he picked up and handed to a ball boy.

Herrera will not receive disciplinary action from the Football Association after spitting on a Manchester City sign as he prepares for the race in the middle of the Derby victory on Saturday.

The Manchester United midfielder denied any suggestion that his actions were intentional, and the ruling corporation said he would not pursue the case because it would be very difficult to prove a trial.


However, Manchester United celebrated an impressive comeback at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium 3-2 and defeated the defending champion in the Premier League.

Guesses would have had it that the Pep City team would have stolen away with the lead at their home stadium, but the second half gave birth to a whole new story. The weekend gave in for so many football surprises, however, Betenemy compiles the best review of online bookmarkers, fattening your chances of placing a winning bet. The Manchester United win over City is an unprecedented one, really.

The city entered the game and knew that they would be run away with three points as Premier League Champions. The City captain, Vincent Kompany City had the best start in the derby when he scored the first goal in the 25th minute.

Then, five minutes later, Ilkay Gündogan City doubled the lead. Local fans were in the land of dreams and City should have increased their lead before the break, but Raheem Sterling did not hit the right sides of the ball in two one on one confrontation with de Gea.

In the 2-0 break, United shivered, but the guests came in the second half of another team. Paul Pogba scored two goals in two minutes to move up and after 69 minutes Chris Smalling volleyed in the winning goal.

The City could have levelled late, but Sergio Agüero’s header was superbly parried by United United goalkeeper David de Gea and the visitors kept the win.

After the game, United boss José Mourinho congratulated his rival. He said, “Our challenge is to finish in second place, but I want to congratulate the city for winning because they will win and earn.” They did not give the chance to others because they did not win this season.