How Football Clubs & Betting Sites Supported Responsible Gambling

An overwhelming number of football clubs and betting sites supported this year’s Responsible Gambling Week campaign.

The campaign, which ran between November 7th and 13th, aimed to promote safe and responsible gambling while raising awareness of the dangers of gambling to trigger a conversation about gambling responsibly. 

The English Football League (EFL) Championship pledged their support to the campaign, with many of its EFL football clubs promoting messages in matchday programmes and on their social channels. 

EFL football clubs Sunderland AFC, the Blackburn Rovers, Middlesbrough FC, and Derby County all signed up to support the campaign this month by publishing information about responsible gambling on their website and social media channels. 

The clubs also promoted the five critical responsible gambling behaviours noted by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, the firm behind the campaign. Meanwhile, EFL club West Ham United decided to promote the campaign by wearing the Responsible Gambling Week 2019 logo on their football tops during their game against Newcastle United. 

The behaviours include spending only what users can afford, setting time and money limits for gambling, to understand that gambling isn’t the solution to any problems, to understand that users shouldn’t gamble when angry or upset, and that gambling shouldn’t interfere with relationships. 

How Gambling Sites Helped The Campaign

Meanwhile, Premiership Rugby’s official betting partner pledged its support to the campaign by displaying Responsible Gambling Week messages on its LED screens during all Premiership Rugby games over the week. 

To further promote the campaign, football stock market site and Nottingham Forest betting partner Football Index removed their logo from the club’s shirts and replaced it with responsible gambling messages throughout the week. 

Popular UK casino site Casumo Casino and its sister sites also supported the campaign in partnership with Reading FC. Every year the football club raises money for the Royal British Legion by wearing poppy-branded shirts during football games for Remembrance Weekend and auctioning them off. 

To support Responsible Gambling Week 2019, Casumo, Reading FC’s official partner, promised to match the total sum raised by Reading FC’s auction in a donation to GamCare, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of responsible gambling. 

In addition, Casumo Casino will be removing its logo from the front of Reading FC’s football shirts for the team’s match against Birmingham City in December, replacing it with the CasumoCares logo, a service which provides support and information to those at risk. 

Boylesport, an independent Irish bookmaker, was another betting site that promoted the campaign by distributing leaflets in support of Responsible Gambling Week, displaying messages on in-store screens and in-shop windows throughout the United Kingdom.

LeoVegas Casino also supported Responsible Gambling Week 2019 by removing its logo from partnered team Leicester Tigers’ shirts for their weekend match against the London Irish which took place during the campaign.

Why Is Responsible Gambling Week Important?

According to figures from the UK Gambling Commission, an estimated number of 340,000 people in the United Kingdom suffer from a gambling addiction, while a further 550,000 suffer harm as a result of their gambling. 

Meanwhile, the Gambling Commission published its Young People and Gambling 2019 survey in October and found that 11% of the 11-16-year-olds surveyed had gambled with their own money seven days prior to the study. In the study, 69% of participants said they had seen or heard gambling adverts recently. 

A study commissioned by charity GambleAware that released earlier this year found that 5% of problem gamblers had attempted suicide in 2006. The survey, based on data from a 2007 study, also found that a further 5% of people who had attempted suicide in the previous year were problem gamblers. 

The above figures exemplify just how much gambling addictions are affecting vulnerable people in the United Kingdom, which is why campaigns such as Responsible Gambling Week is essential. 

These campaigns promote awareness and encourage responsible gambling to help prevent customers from developing addictions or other forms of harm. What’s more, the sheer support received from gambling websites and football clubs show that even those with the closest ties to gambling want to help.