How the Recent Transfer Window will Affect Chelsea’s Future Games

Chelsea Stamford Bridge
Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

There have been numerous speculations about the effect the recent transfers by Chelsea FC will have on games in the future. A lot of the discussions have been about the last transfer of the playmaker for the English club, Eden Hazard to Spain’s Real Madrid FC and the tremendous effect his absence would have on Chelsea’s line-up. Fortunately, Chelsea did earn a decent buck on the sale and could easily use it for a couple of welcome bonuses for some of the online casinos out there.

Another essential factor to consider is the effect of the two-window ban placed on the club by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for flouting regulations concerning the signing of minors. (A very harsh decision to be honest and I believe I speak for other Chelsea fans like me.) A decision which the club authorities have decided to appeal.

The inability to sign new players will have a tremendous effect on the team’s gameplay in the seasons to come, especially since the club said her goodbyes to Eden Hazard.

All this is even though the team is still getting used to the new manager, Frank Lampard, a former legend of the club who is equally under immense pressure to get a hold of his team and earn their respect in due time. The tremendous pressure is especially mounting on Frank Lampard after Chelsea’s loss to long-time rivals, Manchester United.

Many club fans are looking forward to what the season holds for the mighty club but are also apprehensive about the football club’s chances; especially given the seeming “disadvantage” she seems to be in currently.

Can this Be a Blessing in Disguise?

Amidst the uproar that follows the two-window ban on Chelsea FC, there have also been speculations that this could be excellent news for the army of young players in the club’s arsenal.

Although the two-window ban bars Chelsea FC from making any new signings, they are still free to sell their players, hence, the departure of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid. On the other hand, some fans believe that this gives the club enough time to put her house in order and look more inwards for solutions to team problems. Unlike my online casino games where I get free spins no deposit, Chelsea FC’s FIFA ban comes with monetary sanctions of up to six hundred thousand GBP.

The club boasts of adequate human resources with players like Abraham and Bakayoko who are on loan to other clubs but with the recent two-window ban might have a chance to prove themselves should they have to come back to the club during this period.

Going forward

The recent loss to Manchester United has also left many people speculating if Chelsea’s key defender should be brought back from his injury time-off just yet. While Zouma has done Chelsea proud and may make a return to Everton, Chelsea will still be barred from any new signings which mean in the occasion of Zouma’s departure; the club is left with injured Antonio Rudiger. Bringing Chelsea’s key defender back this early out of desperation might backfire.

Although this transfer window and home and gone, it is apparent that the inability to sign new players will have a tremendous effect on Coach Frank Lampard’s and the team’s performance in general. It is vital to keep it in mind that Sarri’s departure was also fuelled by the foiled expectation to sign more players tailored to his style of play.

Whether the move will lead to more fatal consequences for Chelsea FC or not, it is evident that the inability to sign new players will shake the club considerably and she will have to do all it takes to stay above water, and this might include giving her young players more chances than ever before. Hopefully Chelsea will be able to bounce back from their initial defeat to Manchester United with a win in the European Super Cup. Play some online casino while you watch the game, and increase the chance for victory with some free spins.