How to Make Your Time Online More Productive

Do you use the Internet to unwind, pass the time and get you through each day? When we aren’t using it for work, the majority of us will spend our free hours scrolling endlessly on social media. Although there’s nothing wrong with checking up on the world each day, there are some more productive things we could be doing.
Here are the websites that are going to revolutionise the way you spend your time online:

Improve your vocabulary with, which is a quick way to become more literate. Sitting in an office all day working a technical job or any other intensive right-brained activity can kill your desire to seek out knowledge in creative ways.

If you’ve always wanted to learn a language, get started on an online course. You can select how many minutes a day you want to spend learning and get reminders sent straight to your phone or desktop.

So, in order to get that course finished in a timely manner, you need to be able to read faster that you can right now. Guess what? There is a website for that. At, they present a simple interface where you can time your reading and practice getting faster. There are skills training links and book selections so that you can measure your improvement.

Making Money Online

Not everything you do is free. However, online table games can help you blow off stress and socialise without driving out to a venue to do it. There are hundreds of legitimate online sites where you can play table games and take your chances on winning a bit of money. It’s not advised to do it regularly, but it can be great fun if you keep your playing casual. You can also do some freelance work online that brings in some extra cash, and has a lot of great information on where you should go to get started.

Looking Under the Covers

You can rate web pages, pictures and videos on, which relies on peer sourcing and personalises what you get per your tastes. It is labelled a discovery engine (a fancy search engine) that connects you to useful web content. So, it provides one more means to get to sites that won’t make you sorry you spent time on them. This one is self-explanatory, and you have probably been there or heard about it. The Discovery Channel has put the popular concept of its How Stuff Works series online and you can find out how a car engine works or a search engine or a search and rescue team.

Getting Smarter and Giving Back

If you like to challenge yourself, try a site such as Some don’t find brain teasers very relaxing, but if you don’t mind the more taimer brain puzzles then this simple site might make your list and allow you to expand your brain’s potential. If you like vocabulary-related games try, run by the United Nations World Food Program. Every correct answer yields a certain number of grains of rice. These are donated to needy people every quarter. It can be challenging and worthwhile.

Find a Site that is All You and Don’t Tell Anybody About It

We are social creatures and we like to share. Actually, we often share websites as part of a social interaction. Find a site that appeals to your particular interests and make it your own. For example, if you’re a big lover of poetry you may find a useful place to go to when you want to read over some of your favourite poems.

If you are looking for ways to make your online life more meaningful, find one place that you keep to yourself. Sure, it’s a little silly, since perhaps millions of people go to the same site -but it works anyway.