Impact of FIFA World Cup 2018 on Online Sports Betting

World Cup
FIFA World Cup 2018

As the month of June rolled around, the world of football/soccer became excited to enjoy a series of matched between teams from various countries. After Germany’s big win in 2014, FIFA World Cup 2018 was anticipated among betters and football fans alike.

The tournament kicked off with the group matches starting from 14th June, coming to a fantastic end on 17th July. The final match of the entire tournament resulted in a well-deserved victory for France against Croatia.

FIFA 2018 and Online Sports Betting

For Australian football fans, this year’s World Cup tournament was anticipated more than ever. This is because two of Australia’s favourite pastimes combine, presenting an opportunity to wager on and enjoy a good impact game.

In fact, each year bookmakers and veteran gamblers make hundreds of dollars worth profit from sports with the majority of it coming from football. Hence, there was no doubt that an event such as the FIFA World Cup would raise the total amount of money spent.

While some people made the trip to Russia to see the live action and wager there, the majority of the bets were driven by online platforms like Since these platforms are accessible from anywhere in the world and don’t require an exchange of physical money, it is a popular approach among punters and bookkeepers.

Gamblers visit these websites to find odds on various games including the groups, quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place and the final match. Besides that, smaller scale bets on players or teams’ performance, number of goals, yellow cards, fouls, injuries etc. were also betted on.

Right around the time the World Cup was about to begin, Australian authorities made sure to control the betting scene and keep it from getting out of hand. Since online betting sites collect data from gamblers, it is used to aid people to gamble responsibly. The transparency between the betting companies and the wagers made it possible for the bookkeepers and punter to share the responsibility.

Impact of FIFA 2018 on Online Sports Betting

Since we have already established that Aussies like to take chances and have fun with betting, FIFA 2018 was no exception. In fact, some reports and news sources have credited this tournament bigger than ever for online betting.

One of the major impacts of FIFA 2018 on online sports betting was a widespread traffic towards to websites that enabled punter to do so. Having a safe space to put money on teams while sitting at home and watching the match got more people interested in online betting.

Secondly, the tournament earned the industry a significant amount of money, which ultimately contributed to the nation’s economy. With so many possibilities to bet on, people were able to make more money than any other match. According to some resources, it contributed a sizeable amount to the Australian revenue stream for government taxation.

Overall, FIFA world cup 2018 made it possible for online sports betting shed a bit of shaky reputation, bring in money, and entertain more people.