January Transfer Window — Where Does Chelsea Stand?

Chelsea Flag At Stamford Bridge
Mike Hewit/Getty Images

At the moment of writing this article, Chelsea is 4th on the leaderboard. The club has seen better days but this score isn’t so bad either. Although their chances of winning the Premier League might not be as high (because Liverpool is having a dream season), the Blues still have an opportunity to get a few steps closer to the top and overtake Manchester City and Leicester City that currently occupy the third and the second position respectively.

However, those who like to bet on EPL football clubs still don’t want to place their money on Chelsea being second or third, as the club from London lost four out of the last five games in the Premier League. Luckily for them, we’re reaching the January transfer window, which means things could change along the way.

Can Chelsea get football players they seem to so desperately need at the moment to stay at the top? What can we expect from the January transfer window?

Alan Shearer Speaks His Mind

One of the most popular BBC Sport pundits, Alan Shearer, stated that the Blues need to sign two positions in order to strengthen their performance in the Premier League (and in other competitions as well). According to him, they need to sign a new striker, as well as a new center-half, as he believes these would help them in future endeavours. 

Moreover, Shearer stated that the club has players to cover these positions, such as the young Fikayo Tomori. However, he believes that these players ‘just lack something’ that needs to be added to Frankie’s squad in the January transfer window.

Lampard Aims Nathan Ake

At the moment of writing this, Chelsea FC has conceded 25 goals in the last 17 matches, and that’s never a pleasant sight. Unlike Shearer who believes the club should strengthen their middle and forward lines, the Blues’ manager and former player Frank Lampard has a different opinion.

Lampard has set his eyes on Nathan Ake and wants to sign him for £40 million. Ake has been performing really well this season and the past two seasons after he moved to Bournemouth from Stamford Bridge for £18 million. As soon as the Chelsea transfer ban expires, they will be free to make transfers once again. 

There are three reasons why many believe Nathan Ake would be a perfect fit for the Blues.

First of all, Chelsea has been struggling with defense recently, and they need someone as good as Ake to bring fresh energy to the team and improve the figures, especially the ones related to the number of goals the club conceded during the last 17 matches.

Moreover, Lampard seems to love the fact that Ake has a great level of comfort when it comes to playing from the back, meaning he would fit perfectly in Chelsea’s plan. Fikayo Tomori and Kurt Zouma failed to do that, while Ake could be the driving force they are looking for.

Finally, Ake is a flexible player and can quickly adapt both as a left-back and center-back. Lampard seems to cherish this ability as it goes perfectly with his plan of organising both the attack and defense strategies of the Blues.

The January transfer window is getting closer and Chelsea’s man in charge has a lot of money to spend, especially now when they can actually make transfers. There’s a tough period in front of the club and Lampard has to play his cards right when it comes to transfers in order to maximise the club’s performance.