List of 11 Interesting Facts About Casinos

What interests different gamblers about casinos differ from one player to the other. However, there are some super-lucrative qualities of some casinos that are generally shared by all players, one of which is the no deposit bonus on slot machines and other casino games. In this article, we are going to make things even more interesting for you as we are going to list for you, 11 facts that will dazzle you about casinos.

  1. The Highest Jackpot Ever Won on a Slot Machine

The major drive that makes most people gamble is the huge reward that is attached to hitting the jackpot. It will surprise you to know that the highest jackpot ever won on a slot machine is about $40 million. This whooping prize was won by a 25-year-old man on a Megabucks slot machine with just a stake of $100. How rewarding it was, but who knows how many times he lost with the same high stake?

  1. The True Origin of Casino

The history and origin of the casino are quite controversial; however, research shows that the first casinos in the history of the world were first established in Italy as early as the mid-18th century. The word “casino” is the Italian language, which simply means “a little house.” It was gathered that these casinos were only accessible to the rich and influential persons in those days as you have to be a high roller and a neatly dressed gentleman to participate.

  1. The Gentleman’s Game

The history of casinos in the British system can be traced back to the late 18th century in its then epicentre called Bath. These casinos developed from being a “members only” coffee shops to what is called the gentleman’s (rich white men) playground. As a matter of fact, the oldest gentlemen’s club in the UK was formerly a chocolate house.

  1. The Luckiest Casino Guy in History

In the casino gambling business, there are lots of people who have been very fortunate to win a life-changing jackpot. A good example is the owner of FedEx company who staked the last savings of his company on a casino machine and was fortunate enough to hit a huge jackpot that helps financed his company later. However, the legend in this scale of fortune is Archie Karas who has the highest streak win in the history of casino gambling. This man was able to make as high as $40 million with just a stake of $50 within 3 years. He lost it all the following year on gambling though, but he claims he doesn’t care so much about material things – that he is all about the thrill of the game.

  1. The Juicy Fruit Slot Machines

These machines were made to be as juicy as their names sound as the gambling commission has created a rule that prohibits software providers from programming their machines to pay out less than 70% on gameplay. In essence, on every £1 bet, you stake, you should look forward to getting about 70p back soon. Also, watch out for the volatility and the Return to Player percentage of the platform or game you are playing, as these factors determine how much you will go home with after winning.

  1. Only a Patient Man Can Play Poker Games

If you have played poker games with elites in the game, you would agree with us that this game takes time and a lot of thinking. A typical poker game last for not less than one month or two. But history and research have it that a poker game in 1881 lasted for about 8 years at the base of a theatre in Arizona. It was observed that about $10,000,000 were dealt during the course of this epic gameplay.

  1. Worst Lose within Minutes of Play

It is normal for gamblers to lose during their gameplay, but it is even more outrageous to lose millions within the space of minutes. Robert Maxwell, a popular British media mogul, was reported to have lost up to £1.5 million within the space of three minutes. This man kept spinning the roulette wheels with his high stakes repeatedly, hoping he will win just one time. Do not be like Robert Maxwell, gambling is a game of luck, so bet carefully.

  1. The Good News about Blackjack and Craps

These games are perhaps the trickiest to play as they require a high level of intelligence from players. Probably this is the reason their house edge is quite favourable. The house edge of a typical blackjack or craps is 1% and 0.5% respectively, which results in a great deal of profit for a player who wins.

  1. Lucky Baller

Taking risks can be very rewarding when luck shines on you, and this was the case for Teddy Sheringham, a former pro footballer. Teddy is known to compete in world series poker games in Las Vegas, and he has over-time racked up to $330,000 as profit playing.

  1. Did You Know about Voluntary Ban?

The general occurrence is that where a player is found guilty of inappropriate acts in a casino or such person does some illegal acts, such a person can be imprisoned or banned from playing in the casino. However, a very interesting fact is that you can choose to ban yourself from playing in casinos if you noticed that you are getting too intrigued or almost addicted to gambling. Take, for example, Ohio has a policy called the “Voluntary Exclusion” plan, this gives you a chance to ban yourself from playing for specific months, years or for life. This thing about this plan is that it automatically becomes illegal for you to step your foot in a gambling house or casino within the period of ban or for life if that was the plan you opted for.

  1. The No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonuses can come in the form of free spins or instant cash prizes. Many casinos allow players to enjoy these benefits without having to stake real money. This, in turn, allows players to test the gameplay to know how the game really works before investing their money in it.


There are lots of interesting facts about casinos, these ranges from the advantages offered by casinos through no deposit bonus and other types of bonuses, the current life happenings in the casino business, and the value attached to luck during gameplay.