Best places to eat in London after a match

Attending a match played by the team that you love is an energy-consuming affair; supporting your team through a tough match is going to leave you very hungry indeed.

Many fans also face a long journey back home because not all Chelsea fans are lucky enough to live locally. Food options are limited when driving or on a train so it is a good idea to fill up before you head out of London.

Try something local

After the match the thousands of fans streaming out of the stadium will all be looking for food and the first stop is the numerous food stalls set up outside the stadium down Fulham road.

These are ideal for quick meals to keep you going until you reach the pub or restaurant of your choice, or to keep you topped up if your journey home is not too long.

Many fans opt to celebrate with a pint in hand and the pubs around Chelsea are known for offering excellent food options. Local pubs are also very keen on catering for fans so you will be welcomed in a pub that is dressed up in blue for match day.

If you’re one of the first out of the stadium you could pop into Frankie’s Sports Bar and Diner, located right at the stadium – but likely to be full quite quickly.

Frankies Sports Bar and Grill at Stamford Bridge

If you’re into good food, The Harwood arms is a few minutes’ walk north-west of the stadium and offers an excellent menu of gourmet game dishes in a classic setting, with the added bonus of being the only Michelin starred pub in London.

Broadway Bar and Grill on the intersection of Fulham Broadway and Fulham road is a great choice for a cheap eat and a couple of pints.

Sports bars and pubs around London

Depending on your route home, stopping elsewhere in London could be an excellent choice as venues will be less busy, with sports bars sure to display the fever of an important match by a local team.

If you are travelling back via London Bridge, try Belushi’s Dugout at London Bridge, featuring plenty of screens and a big projector for post-match scenes. Leicester Square has the Carlsberg Sports Bar, next to the Empire Casino, which shows sports around the clock.

The Hospital Group has an excellent restaurant and bar in Covent Garden serving quality food and drinks, while any one of the number of chain restaurants such as Pizza Express, Zizzi or Nandos offer great food choices – if not in a football-themed environment.

Plan your post-match food stop

Depending on what time of the day the match is you could find that many of the obvious choices for eating-places are no longer serving food, or are fully booked.

Make sure you plan a food stop before the match by looking at which eateries are open until late, and by booking a table for you and your mates so that you’re not caught out by a full restaurant. That way you are sure you won’t head home after the match on an empty stomach.