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Matchday at the Stamford Bridge: Everything you need to know!

Stamford Bridge

Are you looking forward to spending a matchday watching your favourite team take the opponents down at the Stamford Bridge stadium? Well, the idea is really sweet.

Stamford Bridge has been home to the Chelsea FC for almost a century and a half. With 142 years of football history, the ground has seen the greatest teams rise and fall. And with all this vibe the stadium is meant to provide an unmatched football experience.

But before you actually sign up, here is everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about Matchday at Stamford Bridge!

Before you go ahead and book the tickets, here’s a list of things you’d need to know.

1. How to get there?

Whether you are a Chelsea fan or a visiting supporter, the club makes sure you have a great time. But that happens once you are there at the stadium. The question which might get travellers in a sweat is ‘how to get there?’

Well, don’t worry. We got your back.

While you plan to leave for the stadium, there’s a number of ways to choose from.

Either you go to the West Brompton or Imperial Wharf tube station. The stadium is a 15 minute walk from both these points. Or you can also board buses numbered 14, 211 and 414.

Apart from that if you want to cycle to the stadium, there’s a shed for that too. Just keep in mind that on match days, this shed would be really crowded. So, try to reach the ground early.

Life saver tip: Don’t drive to Stamford bridge on a match day. Residential parking restrictions might get you in trouble.

2. What about the Matchday ballot?

Another exciting deal about watching a match at the stadium is the match day ballot.

While you are at Stamford Bridge, the club allows you to register for the match day ballot. All you need to do is sign up on their website with your ticket details and they’d take that into consideration.

So, go on and be there to welcome your team when they arrive.

3. Stadium’s store

For every Blues fan out there, the Stamford Bridge stadium has a megastore. It features the whole Nike kit including the new home and away collections. Apart from that, the store also has apparel for kids, men and women.

And one more thing. The print bar at this megastore lets you print your favourite player’s name on your shirt.

4. Live it up with the matchday hospitality

Another brick in the wall. Football hospitality events at the Stamford Bridge stadium offer a wide range of luxurious facilities. Whether you come with your friends or family or your corporate guests, they have something for everyone.

From an amazing dining to a great view to the match. From drinks of your choice to reserved car parking. From VIP access to the half-time snacks served to your private table, it smells as premium as it can.

Totally worth your while. So, waste no time. If an unmatched hospitality experience is what you seek, this is your best bet. Get in touch for Chelsea hospitality packages and book yourself and your buds for the experience of a lifetime.

Final words

Watching your favourite team play live at the stadium is a great way of celebrating the football season. While you plan on visiting the Stamford Bridge stadium for the same, there are a few things which you can do to make the best out of your day there.

In this post, we tried to talk about those ideas. We hope it was helpful.

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