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3 Ways to Spend the Time Before the Game Starts

We’ve all been there. We sit and we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of the big game. That clock seems to tick ever so slowly and we start to question whether the clock is actually moving at all.

How can you spend those awfully long waits, how can you make the time go faster? Well, we are here to tell you three great things you can do before the game starts.


Yes, we know, this is not the time for exercise, this is the time to watch other people exercise. But hear us out.

Not only will exercise pass the time, it will also give you a nice little burst of energy before the game starts. Even though it sounds counterintuitive, exercise actually provides us with more energy.

Now, don’t start doing a bazillion burpees and squats in a torturous HIIT session – that’s not the idea here. What we’re talking about is light, moderate exercise to get slightly get the heart rate up.

A brisk walk around the block is a great option which will get you moving but not sweating (hopefully). It could also do wonders to calm any pre-match nerves.

Alternatively, a light jog could clear your head even more and will get that heart rate up a bit further.

But if it’s raining and miserable or you just don’t quite have the energy to open that door, how about an indoor workout?

A few squats, press-ups, jumping jacks, you get the picture. But again, keep it light and keep it fun.

Another added benefit of a bit of exercise before the game is that you can gorge on those crisps with a bit less guilt having burnt off some pre-match calories. It’s all good news.

Mobile Casinos

For something entirely different, why not try your luck at some mobile casinos? This doesn’t require any moving and can be done from the comfort of your own warm chair.

If you are unfamiliar with how mobile casinos work, a quick Google search should provide you with all the information you need.

Mobile casinos provide you with the opportunity to play slots, classic casino table games like blackjack and roulette, jackpot games, instant win games and live casino games, directly from your mobile.

There are numerous games in the mobile casino market which are based around sport, and particularly football.

Slot games such as Football Champions Cup, Foxin Wins’ Football Fever and Bicicleta are three excellent football slot games which can reward you handsomely if you are lucky.

And, of course, you have sports betting itself if you want to place a bet or two to notch up the excitement before the match even more.

Cook Some Food

Why not cook up some food for the big game? A pizza and copious amounts of crisps and snacks might seem more tempting, we know. But, if you make the effort to cook up something tasty and satiating, your waistline will probably thank you later. And, let’s be honest, nothing quite beats good home-cooked food.

Cooking food always seems to longer than we anticipate too, which makes it a great option to pass the time before the game. You could even impress your guests if your culinary skills are up to scratch.

Sweet or savoury, it doesn’t really matter, just make sure you have finished up before kick-off!

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