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Enrolling your child in a Chelsea Soccer School is a great way to improve their soccer skills and technique, whatever level they’re currently playing at. What’s more, your child will come away with a variety of enhanced life skills thanks to their time spent at a soccer school run by Chelsea FC, with an improvement in self-confidence and general social skills.

Here are some of the main reasons you should consider sending your child to a Chelsea FC Soccer School.

Improve soccer skills

If your child is really into soccer, it’s important to encourage them to improve their skills. Just like you purchase educational toys to help them to develop their powers of reasoning and logic, it makes sense to send them to a soccer school to make improvements to their technique and style of play.

By focusing upon soccer away from their regular school and curriculum, they will be able to develop more fully and be more aware of their progress and where improvements can be made. Playing alongside other dedicated soccer fans will also strengthen their desire to improve even further.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Chelsea promotes a healthy lifestyle based upon hard work and training. Soccer school will teach your child the importance of looking after themselves if they want to compete amongst the best. With one in five children worryingly classed as obese, it’s important to stress the need to exercise and to eat healthily.

These points can be really brought home by sending your child to a soccer school and allowing them to become inspired by soccer professionals, rather than it just boiling down to a family argument.

Work on independence

Spending time away from familiar faces and their home, soccer school helps children to become more independent in a safe and friendly environment. Learning to stand on your own two feet and be responsible for your own actions is an invaluable lesson that cannot be taught in a conventional teaching manner.

While teaching methods such as Montessori and Montessori material highly value children’s independence of thought, nothing quite beats a short stay away to help a child to come to terms with their own independence.

Improve group integration and social skills

Chelsea promote fair play and respect both on and off the pitch. Sending your child to a Chelsea soccer school will help them to develop socially in a responsible manner. With a strong anti-bullying stance, Chelsea pride themselves upon being a socially responsible team that sets an example for children to follow.

Soccer relies upon teamwork and at soccer school away from their classmates, children will learn that its important to work together and respect one another. New friends from other countries and other social groups can help to broaden your child’s social horizons and help them to become a more tolerant, non-judgemental adult.

Improve self confidence

Chelsea soccer schools organise gifts and certificates with the chance for children to win individual trophies. Winning such a trophy or being awarded a certificate is a great source of pride for most children and can really boost their self-confidence levels. Even just having attended soccer school itself can work wonders on their return to regular school.

Choosing to enrol your children in a Chelsea Soccer School is a fantastic way to help them to progress, not only in terms of soccer skills, but also in important life skills such as team work, respect for others, independence and making healthy lifestyle choices.  

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