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Football ping pong’ has been around for quite some time. Teqball is the broad term used although not many people are aware it exists.  Yes, even if you love English Premier league online football betting, this is one sport you shouldn’t miss out on. Why? For one, it has Chelsea players trying it out!

Teqball is a new sports equipment and a new sport based on football. Both professionals and amateurs play Teqball. The sole aim is to develop their technical skills, cognitive skills and stamina. It measures the technical skills of a footballer.

Teqball gained momentum earlier this year when David Luiz and William had a match. Some people describe it as ping pong football. It actually involves everything in ping-pong, but there is no touching the equipment.

The equipment has been designed in such a way that there is no physical contact among the players. Moreover, the ball gets to bounce from one player to the other. This makes the player be very alert since the ball will bounce to them every 2-3 seconds. This allows the payer to make many touches within a very short period of time.

A few days ago, Chelsea shared a video of a match between  Brazilian Ballers Jorginho & Lucas Piazon and The Real Madrid Connection Álvaro Morata and Mateo Kovačić. The players showcased some pretty spectacular moves.

Since the video was made available on the Chelsea app, it is clear that a lot of teams are embracing this form of clean football. It was pretty clear that Kovačić was enjoying himself. Although Alvaro tried to distract the other players, it didn’t work out as he intended it to.

This form of “fun” rivalry could be what football needs. The Real Madrid Connection got to walk out victorious after a fun match. Watching the video would make anyone nostalgic of table tennis duels like Juan Mata and Cesar Azpilicueta.

All About the Major Teqball Event Last Year

The first Teqball World Cup was held last year. There were over 40 nations who participated in the event. However, not many people knew that the Teqball World cup was going on.

Teqball gained popularity this year during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This was when Brazil players like Neymar, Coutinho, Dani Alves and Marcelo were filed playing each other. Many players are embracing Teqball. For instance, a player like the legendary Ronaldhino has a Teqball table at home.

A lot of footballers view it as a form of training but actually, it is becoming a sport in its own self.  Today, many celebrity sports players are trying it out, simply because it is a whole lot of fun! In September, the ball was officially recognised as a sport in its own by the Olympics. Moreover, a country like Britain is pushing to have national governing bodies in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Have you tried your hands out on this new sport yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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