Ian On The Beach

We all love a good summer holiday. It’s the perfect time to kick a ball around on the beach, or keep up with the latest transfer rumours on your phone while sipping a cold drink by the pool.

The only tough thing can be finding a place showing the footie if you’re in a country where it’s not top of the sporting agenda – that wouldn’t be a problem if you win this competition from Cadbury. They have a great opportunity for any footie fan through their contest at https://youreoff.cadburyfc.com/uk/.

Ian Heading Out Of The Tunnel

They are offering fans a football lifeline with their You’re Off competition which offers winners a chance to go on an amazing football themed holiday. Some top prizes including watching a game in the Premier League fan-zone in a European destination.

Ian Visits Eiffel Tower

To celebrate the launch of the competition, Cadbury has teamed up with Ian Wright to create The Guide to Holidaying like a Premier League Footballer. The guide is a useful tool for fans looking to get the most out of their summer break, offering a true insight as to what a footballer’s holiday is really like.

They chose the perfect ambassador for their brand too. Ian Wright may be an Arsenal legend, but he’s the kind of lovable guy who overcomes all club rivalries. Who can really say they don’t love Wrighty?

Ian Poolside

His quotes about the free holiday show that even ex-footballers need a break after a hard season punditing –

“Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to go on some amazing summer holidays which have allowed me to really understand what makes a footballer’s holiday so great. Hopefully the guide will come of use to football fans, especially those lucky enough to win the chance to go on a Premier League holiday with Cadbury through their You’re Off promotion.”

Entering is easy. Every time you buy a chocolate bar from the “singles range”, which includes classics like the Boost, Wispa, Double Decker and Twirl, you can scan the barcode at youreoff.cadburyfc.com to see if you’ve won something. If you get your dream trip to Europe, just make sure to send us a postcard!


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