Premier League Restart Still Looking Rocky

The last games were played on March 11th, nearly two months ago, and it seems like it may yet be some time before games get underway again. The spread of the coronavirus has saw the postponement of the league and following a number of meetings, an initial restart date that had been tentatively put in place has now been ruled out, and a new date put in place with the statement that the league would only continue when government and medical advice deem it safe and appropriate.

The first date put forward had been for early May, but as the first extension to the lockdown came through it became clear that wouldn’t be possible, a recent meeting has suggested a seven-week window with plans to get started again on June 12th, but once again this is a tentative date as lockdown measures will be reassessed in a week and could see a further extension. Fears of losses upwards of £1 billion can no doubt be attributed to the push for the season to be drawn to a close, but if the June date for restart that has been set out can’t be met, it may be unlikely that the season has time to finish.

The news may be a little bittersweet to fans – as we’re seeing across Europe the likelihood is that once games do get underway again they will be held in empty stadiums as social distancing measures continue to remain in place, and it’s very likely that these ‘ghost’ games will remain throughout every game played in the season if it is drawn out to conclusion.

On the other hand, at least the option to see games being played out is still available – this also spells some good news for betting sites that have been struggling due to the postponement of cancellation, luckily credit card betting is still popular as many turn to online casino alternatives, but a restart to the league can only serve as a little extra help on this front and help recovery within a market that has been struggling since the beginning of the year.

Similar news is emerging across Europe, but perhaps a little ahead of the UK. Mass testing for players has already been approved within Spain as training is set to possibly begin again very soon, meaning La Liga could be the next high profile league to get underway, but similar stories are emerging as the Bundesliga in Germany and Serie A in Italy are preparing to gear up to get training underway – as with dates in British football, these are all tentative as although lockdown measures are being lifted, caution is being taken to ensure that no second wave of infection can spread – but  for fans it could also serve as good news that steps are being taken to bring a return to football and that many of the seasons teetering on the edge of cancellation have a renewed focus to see the remainder of the games be played out.