Premier League Review 2018/19

Premier League Trophy

With the season over, it’s time to look back on this year’s Premier League and see how everything planned out. When comparing people’s predictions before the season and the final results, there haven’t really been any great surprises. Many people predicted that Manchester City would be champions and that Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal would all finish within the top five. As well as how the teams have performed during the season, it’s worth looking back on how individual players performed, which managers stood out and even the best goals and matches. Let’s review the 2018/19 season to see what happened.


As predicted by many, Manchester City came out on top this season, and Liverpool placed second. One of the top teams that did better than predicted by many of the experts is Chelsea. They were often predicted to come in fifth or sixth, but they actually managed to place third. However, a lot of fans didn’t exactly enjoy their journey to get there. Watford is one team that did much better than predicted, expected to be near the bottom of the table but finishing in 11th place. On the other hand, some didn’t do quite as well as they were expected to, including Southampton and Fulham.


When it comes to which individual players have done well this season, there are a few that stand out more than anyone else. Dutchman Virgil van Dijk is one who comes up again and again, with many recognising him for his effect on the Liverpool team. Bernardo Silva is another who has stood out from the champion team, even among many other excellent players for Manchester City. And Raheem Sterling is yet another player who has received a lot of attention, and not just this season. Of course, one player can’t carry a whole team, but it does help to have a standout talent.


Which are the best matches in the season is difficult to decide. Like many things, it’s a matter of opinion, but there are several matches that have stood out for fans, commentators and sports writers. The most interesting matches aren’t always the ones where one team plays spectacularly or when two teams are at their best. One that stood out is the Wolves v Leicester game, with Wolves scoring 4 goals to Leicester’s 3. And it wasn’t just the game itself that was notable, thanks to the Wolves manager joining in with a pile on at the end – which resulted in an £8,000 fine.


There are plenty of goals over the course of a season, so picking out the standout goals isn’t easy. If there’s one that a lot of people can’t forget, it’s Crystal Palace’s Andros Townsend’s volley from 30 yards when playing Manchester City. Another notable instance was from the other side. City’s Vincent Kompany scored against Leicester to help them win with a dramatic goal. There was also Eden Hazard (Chelsea) v West Ham, which showed plenty of speed and skill. While everyone is likely to have their own favourite goals throughout the season, these are just some of the examples that could go down in history.


When new players are signed, everyone holds their breath to wait and find out if they’re going to pay off. Huge numbers are thrown about when it comes to how much clubs pay for their players, and no wants to see millions go down the drain. The best signings are often those that really make a difference to the whole team, and this season there have been a few players of note. For example, Raúl Jiménez has scored 13 goals for Wolves – he originally joined the team on loan but will officially become a permanent part of the team in July.


Managers might not be out on the field with the ball, but they’re still an important part of the team. They help to hold everything together, and there are a couple of names that come up again and again when people discuss their favourites for the 2018/19 season. Guardiola has of course received plenty of credit for taking Manchester City to the top of the league, but Klopp has also stood out as one of the managers who has taken their team far.

Plenty has happened this season that fans are sure to remember for years to come. If you’re a football fan, there’s time now to look back on the season and think about some of your favourite moments.