Put Your Chelsea Knowledge to Greater Use


Chelsea Corner Flag
Ian Walton/Getty Images

Faithful fans of the Chelsea colors are eager to tell you all about the team they know and love. After all, it is their passion and dedication that made it all seem like a worthwhile effort instead of a lesson learned hard.

Sure, this insight to the inner workings of The Blues is bound to make them a popular face at a party or a training session for the junior high school soccer team. But there is bound to be more to it than that. Putting this knowledge to greater use may have been difficult in the past, when not a lot of things existed – TV, for one – but nowadays, there is a handful of job opportunities waiting for these connoisseurs.

Sport Commentator

You know how there is always a friend who doesn’t like to keep quiet during the game? Well, this is just the trick to solve all your problems – a sport commentator is the perfect job position for eager Chelsea fans who can’t stop informing you about the latest transfers, player stats or the coach’s strategies.

It might be a bit hard learning about other teams besides Chelsea, but there is no doubt a dedicated fan has already done some research on all the team’s opponents so far.


There is not a soccer fan in the world who doesn’t like to enjoy the glory of guessing the precise outcome of the game, especially if their favorite team is playing. When it comes to Chelsea fans, the situation is no different.

Learning how to bet soccer and Chelsea games in particular is the only training you will need to start making serious profit. And the top soccer sportsbooks are not the ones to mind your apparent bias for The Blues.

Soccer Columnist

Putting your thoughts about last night’s game into writing may be the best thing you could have done. Not only will you direct your opinions straight to an audience that is impatient to get more insight on the game, but you will feel better letting all your comments roam free.

Writing a soccer column for a local, national or even international sports magazine is an excellent way to put your Chelsea knowledge to greater use. Again, there is bound to be a slight bias, but nothing too much that a dose of true fan professionalism cannot overcome.

Soccer Coach

Training the local school team is just what you need if you want to test Conte’s latest strategies without breaking something around the house. Who knows, you might even reach league status using nothing but your knowledge of FC Chelsea’s game moves throughout the years.

Coaching or working in the back office staff is the final job position that would fit a true Chelsea fan. They would still be able to attend all the games and get the latest materials for the upcoming training sessions, while at the same time enjoying themselves by watching their favorite soccer club in action.