Salah named PFA player of the Month

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah’s celebration after scoring in the 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield in November.

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian international termed as the Premier League god of goals, has scored six goals in four games. Pillaging the net with his magic against Newcastle, Manchester United, Watford and Crystal Palace during the month, the ace footballer who is becoming a sought after in the market becomes the PFA player of the month.

This is the fourth time this season that Salah has won the prize chosen by the fans who also harvested him in November, December and February. The 25-year-old is the premier league scorer with 29 goals, five more than Harry Kane in second place.

Salah sat out against the Everton 0-0 draw last Saturday after suffering a groin injury in their 3-0 win against Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday. The Salah performance and goals give more opportunities to win big with the currently hot Liverpool side. To bet with a trusted bookmarker, read the Ladbrokes review by Efirbet.

However, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp is confident that Salah will be available for the return leg at Etihad on Tuesday.

Is Salah the Best Player in Premier League?

Having to select a preferred individual as the best of hundreds and thousands of multitalented equals is, no doubt, an incredibly difficult and challenging thing to do. Football, especially in a competition as the Premier League, is one entertaining game where such selections have to be done quite carefully and most importantly, unsentimentally.

The Egyptian and Liverpool’s forward, MOHAMMED SALAH is putting in an exceptional individual season and is without doubt, the qualified for this singular honour.

The History

Since the formation of the Premier League, only three defensive players have won the PFA Player of the year, including the incumbent winner, Chelsea Football Club’s N’Golo Kanté. On the other 22 occasions, the prize was awarded to midfielders or attackers, often to those who had a lasting impact in one season. That’s exactly what the Liverpool striker has shown over and over again this season.

Previous winners include Eric Cantona, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry Invincible-Vintage, players who defined the offensive game in English football after 1992.

All winners were congratulated for their talents at the time, all of whom were eventually recognized by their peers, but each of them will be defeated at this rate by Mohamed Salah. It is a fact that has no doubt.

That is, quite simply, how incredible Salah’s individual season has been. Only three previous Player of the Year winners even come close to the level of raw production he has shown this year.

Many footballers have left indelible marks that are hard to extinguish. The first is the brilliant and effective Alan Shearer, who scored 34 goals in 1994/95 and placed 13 in the Blackburn Rovers campaign. However, at that time the Premier League debut was still a division of 22 teams with a season of 42 games. The best Shearer ever managed in a 20-team, 38-game campaign was 31 goals, a similar record was made in the 2007-08 season by Cristiano Ronaldo and was matched by Luis Suarez in 2013-14.

Goal Tides

However, the Egyptian currently has 29 goals from 31 Premier League games, as well as 10 assists to his name. Extrapolated over Liverpool’s final seven games, Salah is on course to finish with 35 goals and 12 assists – a record marginally better than 1994-95’s Shearer.

We scarcely have found such an incredible player do this not to talk of an Egyptian. Mohammed Salah’s displays this year feel like part of a dynasty. It is more ‘of the moment’, the sort that we should stop and recognize, lest they pass too quickly. After all, as the records of those previous winners show seasons as remarkable as this by the Egyptian’s do not come too often.