Rafa Conte

A tweet from a Chelsea fan has gone viral after he claimed to be ‘crying in the toilets’ following the Blues’ dreadful performance against Newcastle United.

Today will have affected every member of the Chelsea faithful the same way. Utter devastation, frustration and anger at how our season caved in on itself after a promising start. Today’s loss summed it all up. Lacklustre, heartless and completely devoid of any genuine quality.

It’s painful to watch. We’ve never felt so disconnected to the club, even during the forgettable 2015/16 campaign. The players, the manager, the board, they’ve all been completely inadequate. Something needs to change, and fast.

Our emotion is probably shining through in these words, and Twitter user @TheChelseaDaily allowed his to do so in a similar manner. He took to the social platform to reveal how distraught he was at St. James’ Park watching the game.

It may well be a joke, but it’s funny nonetheless.

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