Marcos Alonso

Tottenham fans have really outdone themselves here by creating an absolutely disgusting flag about Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso.

If you are unfamiliar how the story goes, the Mirror reported back in 2012 that Alonso was arrested, but released on bail, after being involved in a car crash that left a friend of his dead.

Not a laughing matter, right? Well, Tottenham fans appear to think so. One Twitter user posted the below photo of a shocking flag that they have created, mocking the crash.

If this is spotted inside a stadium, it needs to be removed immediately and those responsible for it ought to be punished.

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3 years ago

Not all Spurs fans agree with this behavour , I can understand the animosity surrounding the incident , but I am sure he has/is constantly repeating the loss of his friend , as most people would in his/their minds . I would suggest to everyone to leave it with Alonso… Read more »