John Terry & Romelu Lukaku
GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

John Terry may have just dropped a major hint that Everton hitman Romelu Lukaku is set to return to Stamford Bridge.

Terry is no longer a Chelsea player, but there can be no doubting that his blood will run blue for the rest of his career, and into his retirement.

Several eagle-eyed Chelsea fans spotted something very intriguing on their Instagram feed on Saturday night. Take a look.

It may well be completely innocent, and Terry is merely following a former teammate of his. However, amid all the speculation that Chelsea are set to spend £100M to ensure Lukaku’s return, and the Belgium international already confirming that he has found an agreement with his future club – it has inevitably sparked plenty of rumours.

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Chelsea fan innit
Chelsea fan innit
3 years ago


Charlie Clapham
Charlie Clapham
3 years ago

I hope so…