Will Tottenham Hotspur ever stop being the laughing stock of the Premier League? We dearly hope not.

We ought to credit Spurs, they enjoyed their best campaign in half a century last time around, putting the pressure on eventual champions Chelsea before bottling against arch-rivals West Ham. Commendable.

Their fans continue to let them down off the field, however. How are we supposed to take a team seriously when their fan-base are creating content like this?

Fan account @Spurs_US tweeted out a video of a group of Tottenham fans who have produced an absolutely horrific music video supporting their side.

From our point-of-view, it’s hilarious, and further evidence that Tottenham have some of the worst fans in the country. But who on Earth wakes up one day and decides that making this would be a good idea?

It’s worth a watch, if only to laugh at them. Grab yourself some popcorn, and enjoy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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