Tottenham Hotspur, embarrassing themselves? Surely not…

Spurs have made a habit of turning themselves into a national laughing stock in recent years, and they appear determined to continue to do the same.

They posted the below Tweet on Tuesday evening, revealing that the club were set to release a season review DVD for the 2016/17 campaign.

That is, of course, the same season that arch-rivals Chelsea pipped them to the post and lifted the Premier League trophy.

The same season they fell to a shock defeat against West Ham United, all-but confirming Chelsea’s status as champions.

The same story as the season prior, where they promise so much and deliver so little. That is, in many ways, the Tottenham way.

Needless to say, many of their fans did not take too kindly to the news. The Tottenham Twitter account received a bucket load of angry replies from their fans, and they’re absolutely hilarious.

And last, but by no means least…

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3 years ago

Spurs were a laughing stock last season ? Really ? They played by far the most attractive football in the entire league, scoring the most goals and conceding the fewest. They were undefeated at White Hart Lane in all competitions, all with a starting eleven that cost just 9.8 million… Read more »

3 years ago

No-one with any sense of football judgement would consider Spurs a laughing stock last season.
I guess that makes this Jamie Wilkinson joker rather pointless.
A silly little mind with an even sillier blog.