Top Windows Applications for Office Employees

These programs simplify the work of millions of people around the world. Perhaps you do not yet know about some applications or do not use them in vain – check our list.

Must-Have Windows Applications for Daily Office Errands

Hundreds of programs have been created in the world, the developers of which classify their products as office ones. Moreover, in our country, a minimal set of office applications has formed (six to seven programs) installed on the vast majority of PCs, the owners of which somehow work with documents.


This open digital notepad is an excellent tool for managing an extensive collection of text, graphics, and voice notes. Evernote offers a tag system with which you can mark added posts. For greater convenience, tags can be grouped and nested. This unique approach makes it easy to structure hundreds and even thousands of notes and, if necessary, quickly find the right ones.

Evernote supports synchronization between devices and allows you to work without being connected to the network.

Microsoft Office

Programs from the Microsoft Office suite combine powerful functionality and usability. Therefore, they are excellent for creating and editing office documents of any complexity. Besides, they are integrated with Microsoft cloud services: you can access files on any device and work on shared documents with other people.

If you are working with many documents, then the answer is obvious. Get microsoft word download and start managing your projects with this classic application that for decades is the number one choice for many office workers.

Microsoft Office goes far beyond the necessary functions. For example, for convenient work with text in Word, there is a built-in translator and a speech recognition function that prints words dictated by the user.

Foxit Reader

Office workers often have to deal with PDF documents. In such situations, it’s crucial to have a handy PDF viewer on hand. And even better – a program with which you can view not only documents but also annotate them.

The right candidate for this position is Foxit Reader. It is fast and easy to manage. With its help, you can read PDF files, make notes in the text and leave your comments on the pages.

Cold Turkey Blocker

If you are too often distracted by inappropriate sites and programs during work, Cold Turkey Blocker will help you.

This application blocks all distractions for the time you set. Until the deadline expires, you will not be able to open the listed sites and programs. Cold Turkey Blocker can enable blocking automatically according to the schedule set by the user.


This small utility synchronizes your computer with a smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets. It is enough to install Pushbullet clients on all devices and connect them to a standard account. After that, you can see all the mobile notifications on the computer and transfer notes, links and small files between the gadgets.

If your mobile device runs on Android, then you can also send and receive SMS and messenger messages directly from your computer. Also, Pushbullet combines the clipboards of different devices: any text copied on a smartphone or tablet can be immediately inserted into a text field on a computer, and vice versa.

Avast! for business 2018

No computer, office or home, can do without anti-virus protection. Business antivirus versions are available, such as Avast! for Business 2018, which protects against any Internet threats, as well as spyware.

The Business version differs from other editions of this popular program in that it provides an online panel for managing avast installation settings on various corporate computers.


TextExpander will save time for anyone who works a lot with texts and often has to enter the same information. With it, you can configure keyboard shortcuts that will instantly unfold in a predetermined text of any volume.

For example, with TextExpander, you can insert email, email replies, payment details, and any other information that you often type manually in a couple of clicks. Thanks to synchronization, abbreviations will be available on iOS, where input is carried out through the TextExpander keyboard.

BusinessCards MX

If you have a company that provides services, then you will need business cards with contact details and details.

Business cards are easy to make with BusinessCards MX. It contains 750 ready-made templates, divided into thematic categories, which we can arbitrarily change. The program remembers the company data entered into it and has advanced printing options.


Overall, you can install more programs and applications that can boost your project management or help with various tasks. You are not limited to the selection, and the above-mentioned PC applications presented for your attention is a list of the best ones for office work.