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The end of the Premier League transfer market will come as a welcome relief to Chelsea after the West London club were unable to add to their squad. It was a long time in the coming after receiving news of the ban months before but that it didn’t do anything to soften the blow when it arrived over a summer where all of Chelsea’s nearest rivals went to town with the cheque book.

A transfer ban would happen over a time where rivals, Arsenal, Spurs and Manchester United have splashed close to £400m on new players. It’s hard to take notice of that and not feel a sense of being left behind when a significant amount of transfer activity is ongoing but that sadly was the reality for the Blues over the summer of 2019. 

Now that the window has slammed shut though, the time has come to focus on matters purely on the field of play, with winning football games and accumulating points the order of the day once more. The narrative during these times can often be one of doom and gloom and yes, there are a few inescapable truths that are worth keeping in mind, if only to prepare for impending hardship as new manager Frank Lampard looks to guide the good ship Chelsea to calmer waters after a stormy summer. However, it’s also worth noting, clubs can benefit from a serious bounce during these circumstances.

A siege mentality can propel a club forward and Lampard would have been reminding his charges of the fact that it is now Chelsea against the world. We will see just how successful his management has been once the fixtures get underway but there is a good chance Chelsea would have become a more cohesive unit over the course of the preseason. 

Strangely enough, the sale of Hazard to Real Madrid could have aided the camaraderie of the squad given that the Belgian was head and shoulders above the other Chelsea players last season. Since his departure, Chelsea could now become the sum of its parts once more and not a one-man show anymore. And let’s get it right, there is still a huge amount of talent left in that change room for Lampard to work with. 

At the very least, the pressure will be off Chelsea to start with as everybody has largely written the Stamford Bridge club off. You only need to have a look at the Champions League odds and see the Blues at 33/1 to triumph in Europe to realise no one is expecting anything from Chelsea this season. 

After a while though, speculation does become exhausting which is why there is something quite soothing about the season starting again. 

As fans, it’s not the transfer window, the commercial side of a club, or even tactics that got us hooked on football but instead, it was the thrill of scoring goals, crunching tackles, and gravity-defying saves. It is back to basics for Chelsea this season with the emphasis of finding a way to succeed on the pitch after the clubs hands were tied off it.

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