Trivia for the True Blood Chelsea Fan

Child With Chelsea Flag
Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Calling yourself a Chelsea fan is one thing, but being able to live up to the name is a completely different task at hand. Choosing from the best soccer sportsbooks and placing your bet on The Blues is a recognized sign of loyalty, but a true supporter can draw each corner of Stamford Bridge in their sleep.

While things may not be as rigorous in real-life fan clubs, you are still expected to know quite a lot about Chelsea FC’s history. The following facts and trivia cover the period from the founding years up until today, in order to get you started with a reliable knowledgebase.

Stamford Bridge came before Chelsea FC

Under usual circumstances, the creation of a football team would be followed by a search for suitable grounds, but Stamford Bridge was already intended for this purpose in 1904 when English businessman Gus Mears purchased it as an athletics stadium.

The origins

On March, 10, 1905, Chelsea FC was founded in a local pub called The Rising Sun. Those wishing to visit this team landmark should look it up under its new name, The Butcher’s Hook.

“The Pensioners” before “The Blues”

A novice fan is likely to root for The Blues, but only a true-at-heart follower knows that Chelsea footballers had a different nickname. They were called The Pensioners due to the Royal Hospital – a pensioner’s home located right next to Stamford Bridge.

A pound for your players

At the peak of financial troubles, Chelsea FC got a new owner, Ken Bates. He purchased the club in 1982 for the unbelievable sum of a single pound.

A Billionaire from the People

Speaking of Chelsea owners, the club is currently among the assets owned by Roman Abramovich, who used to be a street trader before making it big in business ventures.

Roman Abramovich

Defying Gravity

Eidur Gudjohnsen is a legend among Chelsea fans and players alike. The story behind the player dates back to 28 January, 2003, about the time when Leeds was at a 1 point advantage in Stamford Bridge.

In a successful attempt to rekindle motivation, Gudjohnsen scored a goal with an out-of-this-world back flip. Later known as the bicycle move, this moment is hardly a thing that any odds-master could have predicted in their usual soccer offering for bookies.

A European Record

Among those of greater magnitude, Chelsea’s European record for the greatest aggregate victory of 21-0 over Jeunesse Hautcharage definitely marked the 1971 UEFA Cup.

An English Record

As much as they value international glory, Chelsea prides itself the most for their domestic achievements. They hold the highest points total – 95 and fewest goals conceded – 15 during a single league season, all under the managing skills of Jose Mourinho in 2004/05.

Playing with snow

In 1997/98, Chelsea FC faced their opponent Tromso at about 100 miles into the Arctic Circle. The game flow is still regarded as one of the strangest in football history, especially since it was even stopped at a certain point in order to clear the snow off the pitch.