Wayne Rooney Speaks About His Past Struggle With Gambling Addiction

Footballer Wayne Rooney has spoken about his struggles with gambling addiction during the early days of his professional career. 

The 34-year-old, who officially joined the Derby County football team last week, appeared in a video for 32Red’s new Stay In Control responsible gambling campaign. In the video, Rooney met with former professional footballer Scott Davies and spoke about his past gambling addiction.

He said: “I was a young lad, just come into a lot of money. And when you go away with Manchester United to an away game, you stay in a hotel. And especially when you’re away with England you’re in the hotel for seven to ten days and you get bored and you end up doing things to fill the time and at that time, gambling was one of them.”

He continued: “It was easy to put bets on. It weren’t like I had to go into a bookies and put bets on, where there is limits. This was over the phone, where it was just numbers and it didn’t feel like real money but before you know it you’ve lost a good bit of money and you won’t realise actually the amount you’re putting on at the time.” 

“I won at the start actually, a couple of bets and thought ‘This is easy. It’s easy money’. So it sucks you in a bit more and then ended up losing, ended up down, ended up chasing my bets trying to win my money back. You’re there to play for your country or to play for your club and when you’re losing money the way I was, then it will affect you.” 

He ended by saying: “Thankfully, I managed to obviously just pay up what I’d lost and move on, and I didn’t gamble again. I’ve learned from my mistakes and I think if you carry on gambling, you lose more. That’s when you can get sucked in and you could be in a bad situation.” 

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