What are the odds for the Blues for this season?

Chelsea Flag At Stamford Bridge
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Chelsea has been one of the biggest surprise acts of the 2019 season so far. Despite a transfer ban, a very young squad, and the appointment of a new manager, Chelsea Legend, Frank Lampard, who is only of his second season managerial career, many weren’t expecting much from them this season.

Even Chelsea fans will the highest hopes wouldn’t have expected more than a mid-table finish, let alone silverware. However, they remain as contenders in all 3 of the major competitions they are in and are playing some very good football. So, what exactly are

odds for the blue’s this season? This article should explain.

The Premier League

Chelsea’s performance in the Premier League is

likely the biggest surprise. Currently, they are comfortably in the Champion’s League qualification spots and just a couple of wins separate them from second place. Will they win the league? Well, the short answer is probably no.

Although there is still plenty of time left in the league, it doesn’t seem likely.  Liverpool are over 10 points ahead and remain unbeaten this year, and losses against both these and 2nd place Manchester City, have indicated they are unlikely to remedy this gap.

However, qualifying for the Champions League and finishing in the top 4 is a very likely occurrence with consistent results against the rest of their rival Premier League teams so far. If you were feeling very lucky, you could place a bet on a 2nd or even 1st place finish but the comfortable money should be on a 3rd or 4th place finish.

FA Cup

This would be a nice bet for fans as the FA Cup is always very open each year and Chelsea, permitting they get lucky in the draws and avoid the big clubs, could go all the way this year. If you want to place a bet on them winning anything this year, the FA Cup would be the most likely trophy they will take home and you can do this at https://nj.unibet.com/sports.

Bear in mind, this may still be a bit of a long shot, especially, as they are yet to play a single match yet. However, if anything, this will be the trophy they will win and currently, they would have pretty good odds and would still be well worth at least a small wager.  

Champions League

Going all the way in the Champion’s League is likely to be out of the question this year. They have so far struggled a bit in the group stages, losing against Valencia and although they beat Ajax in the first leg, the second time around, they had to settle for a 4-4 draw.

With this considered, due to the more high-quality teams, they will have to meet later on in the tournament, they will likely not go all the way. However, placing a bet on them reaching the round of 16 or even the quarter-finals is a likely payday.

Tammy Abraham – Premier League Golden Boot

Tammy Abraham scoring against Watford
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While any trophy may be a bit suspect this year, a very good bet that could come home is for Tammy Abraham to take home the golden boot. The 22-year-old has been in exceptional form and has been in the running for golden boot since the start of the season.

He is up there with some much more experienced strikers in the season but  has shown no signs of slowing down. As such, the best bet for Chelsea Fans this season wanting to back their team is definitely to place some good money on Tammy Abraham taking home the Premier League Golden Boot when the season concludes.