Why new betting sites are best


The sports betting industry is booming all over the world as millions of players try to profit from their love of sport. According to some estimates, the global online betting industry will be worth $59.79 billion by 2020 and in their fight to capture a share of this market, bookmakers have had to continually improve and update their service.

But while the old, established bookmakers have worked hard to establish an online presence, they are being overtaken by a new breed of betting site, which offer a much better deal for sports bettors.

Welcome Bonus Offers

In such a competitive industry, attracting new customers is the top priority for online bookmakers, who have come up with a host of bonuses and promotions to encourage new players to sign up with them.

In this area, new betting sites have an advantage. They tend to be more agile in terms of responding to customer demand and can more quickly respond to market conditions, ensuring that they offer the best available Bonus Offers.

For sports bettors, Bonus Offers are a great way to maximise their betting. There are many kinds of Bonus Offers, including Deposit Matching, in which the betting site will match your initial deposit to Free Bets and Sign-Up Bonuses.

To establish themselves, new betting sites, such as Mr Green’s new sportsbook go out of their way to attract new customers with Bonus Offers, making them ideal for sports bettors.

Boosted Odds for New Players

Another area in which new betting sites have the advantage is with Boosted Odds offers for new players. As with Welcome Bonuses, new sites tend to be keener to offer customer-friendly offers than the more established sites, as they try to build up a base of regular punters.

With Boosted Odds offers, new customers can choose to increase the odds on their bet, bringing them potentially greater returns. Typically, these kinds of new customer offers are more likely to be found on newer betting sites.


One of the biggest advantages that new betting sites have over the older operators in the industry is flexibility. An established online bookmaker may have more money at their disposal, but they tend to be less nimble at responding to a changing market and attracting new customers.

Often, an established bookmaker will be part of a larger offline organization and those running the site will have less freedom to innovate, and will have to co-ordinate any new strategy with other parts of the organization, all of which reduces their flexibility.

New betting sites, which are typically created by online-dedicated bookmakers have no such problems. Sites such as Mr Green can focus entirely on the online market and can tailor the design and functionality of their site to the needs of the modern sports bettor.

Their greater flexibility enables online betting sites to respond quickly to a changing market, and to offer sports bettors the best possible service, in everything from the range of bonuses they offer to payment and withdrawal options and the layout of their online site.


The explosion of mobile technology over the last fifteen years has caused a revolution in the betting industry and some of the older, more established betting companies have struggled to keep up.

Many of them have adapted their sites to function reasonably well on mobile devices, but this process has not always worked smoothly and sports bettors can sometimes find the older sites do not offer the fast, speedy mobile betting they expect.

By contrast, new betting sites will have been designed with mobile betting in mind from the start. They will be set up to work well with all operating systems and to function on a wide range of mobile devices, from smart phones to laptops and tablets.

New betting sites will be created to handle the latest in high-definition graphics and responsive controls found on the newest mobile devices and will make it easy for sports bettors to access the site either direct through the web or by using a dedicated mobile app, designed to the highest specifications.


As the global sports betting industry continues to grow, sports bettors are presented with a bewildering array of betting sites to bet with, but there are clear advantages to choosing a new site, which is likely to be able to offer more attractive bonus offers, a better site design and seamless mobile technology.

There are all kinds of ways to boost your betting but opting for a new betting site over an older one could give your betting a significant edge.