Will Peter Kellner from Czech purchase the club “Chelsea”?

roman abramovich

According to the source, in the coming days, the Czech entrepreneur intends to contact the owner of “Chelsea” Roman Abramovich with an offer about purchasing the club. Read more about this on free soccer predictions online.

We have to remind that Kellner and Abramovich have friendly relations. For example, earlier the Czech financier bought a VIP box at the Chelsea stadium in London. It is noteworthy that this box at Stamford Bridge is located next to the zone of the Russian businessman.

According to Forbes, Kellner, who is the richest man in the Czech Republic, is currently valued at $13.2 billion. In the list of world billionaires, the Czech is on the 88th position. For comparison: Abramovich is on the 140th place in the Forbes list and he has $11.2 billion as it was reported on October 26.

Who is Kellner?

In the late 1980s, a 54-year-old Czech graduated from the Higher School of Economics in Prague with a degree in Industrial Economics, and in the 1990s he earned his first billions: he participated in privatization deals. Several funds were created under Kellner’s management, and this helped to collect for a hundred thousand vouchers. The Czech finansist had exchanged them into shares in more than a hundred Russian companies.

However, in 1998, he was forced to leave the Russian market due to the financial crisis, and he lost about $500 million during that time.

Kellner is also well-known for his participation in creation of world-famous banks and chain stores that are managed by the First Privatization Fund (PPF), and the Czech financier is the one of the founders.

In addition, Kellner and his wife Renata are founders of their own charitable foundation that also works in Russia. The main purpose of the Kellner campaign is to help students to graduate from school and to enter the university to get higher education.

What did happen with Abramovich?

The Russian businessman himself, according to Sky Sports, does not intend to have a deal with Kellner and he is not going to sell the club. A reliable source has reported that Abramovich did not enter into negotiations with anyone yet and actually, he is not planning to do this in the near future.

Although in September a number of British media has reported that a Russian businessman has started to search for potential buyers. We hope this information will be confirmed as soon as possible.