Why couldn’t you do that over the summer, Diego?

That’s what Chelsea fans will be asking themselves after seeing this Rocky Balboa-esque training video the striker has posted on his Instagram story.

The situation surrounding Costa’s future at Stamford Bridge was a grey cloud over the club throughout the summer transfer window, with the Spaniard refusing to return to the Cobham training ground and make himself available for selection.

Instead, Costa opted to stay in his hometown in Brazil and do very little other than eat.

He is now an Atletico Madrid player and is looking to get in shape ahead of the January window, where the La Liga giants will be available to officially register him.

Costa looks to be working extremely hard and is in great shape as the days tick down towards his second Atleti debut.

As frustrating as it is that he couldn’t do this for us, it’s great to see Costa back in shape and (almost) back to doing what he does best.

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