How Chelsea have raised serious cash by dismantling the loan army

By @TalkChelsea  
1st August 2019

Just how heavily Chelsea rely on their loan army for investment in the transfer market has been summarised by journalist Nizaar Kinsella.

Kinsella revealed through his twitter account that the money the Blues have now raised through academy products and those returning from loan moves elsewhere has now reached the £30M mark – which is serious cash.

Nizaar Kinsella Maths

As he notes, this is not including the funds banked through the sale of striker Alvaro Morata to Atletico Madrid, which stands at a further €65M, according to the BBC.

Unethical? We don’t think so

Marina Granovskaia 5r34

Of course, there will be those who believe that toying with players’ professional careers for our own personal gain is unethical, but that’s a very cynical way of looking at it.

Yes, we reap the rewards after they develop out on loan and are subsequently sold for higher fees than they would have previously, but they benefit from the system too.

Being a Chelsea player and having our well-connected board negotiating a loan on your behalf is only going to do you favours in your search for the right club.

That’s the aspect that many choose to overlook.

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