Journalist Ian McGarry has revealed that he does not think Antonio Conte will be at Chelsea beyond this season, and he has a pretty good idea of who could replace him.

To merely be discussing Conte’s exit seems unthinkable. The Italian won the Premier League title in his debut campaign on these shores, setting a new wins record for England’s top tier.

Antonio Conte
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte won the Premier League title during his debut campaign at Stamford Bridge.

However, this is Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich has proven in recent seasons that he is not afraid to swing the axe. The title race is all-but over for us, with Manchester City pulling 14 points clear. There may be trouble ahead.

Could Conte’s head be on the chopping block?

Ian McGarry, as reported by the Daily Record, believes that Conte’s departure from Stamford Bridge is now a foregone conclusion.

McGarry is quoted by the Daily Record claiming that Conte will not be charge of the Blues for the 2018/19 campaign, and Ancelotti is the frontrunner for the hot-seat:

“He will definitely be gone by the start of next season. Ancelotti moving to London is significant because he’s had talks with Roman Abramovich, he is the preferred candidate to replace Conte and change the management style back to one that’s less abrasive and less confrontational.”

Carlo Ancelotti
Could Carlo Ancelotti be waiting in the wings to replace Antonio Conte at Chelsea?

Appointing Ancelotti would be a backwards step. He’s been here before, he failed at Bayern Munich, and Conte is undeniably one of the best on the planet. Let’s hope McGarry’s comments are wide of the mark.

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Gabriel Ogar
Gabriel Ogar
2 years ago

Chelsea should stop thinking backward. Anceloti cannot in any way be compared to Conte. To talk about replacing Conte with Anceloti is to pull the club backward towards retardation.

2 years ago

I think i will have to say it here. Both the management and owner of thisclub need psychiatric attention on a more serious note. You want the best but don’t know how to go about getting that best, changing coaches like you are changing the clothes on your body will… Read more »