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Cadbury launch special promo for Premier League fans

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Cadbury launch special promo for Premier League fans

The summer of 2019 is behind us now, and we’re into the Autumn – the season of football and, for me, chocolate. Five a side season is back and with it, the celebratory chocolate.

In fact, to celebrate these two annual milestones, Cadbury have released two sizes of its Dairy Milk Premier League Chocolate Football. The smaller size is available now from all major retailers, and a larger, 455g chocolate football, which comes in a case that opens up into a glorious Stamford Bridge-like stadium, in November exclusively at at Tesco. And, those large size bad boys, also give you the chance of getting to a match too – there are ten pairs of Premier League hospitality tickets and 90 pairs of normal match tickets hidden inside.

As the official snack partner of the Premier League, Cadbury knows what footie fans like, and it’s at this time of year, when old rivalries are being opened up on and off the pitch, that you might want to consider getting one of these treats as a gift to share with your mates.

Just think of the tension after we lost 4-0 to Manchester United on the opening day. Wouldn’t that Sunday have been that much more bearable if your United supporting friend had at least brought over 256g of delicious chocolate made with a glass and a half of fresh British and Irish milk? It certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

Equally, after we grabbed a fortunate win over Norwich a couple of weeks ago, it would have been nice to have something on hand to console your Canary supporting pal after they played so well but ended up with nothing from the game – that is, if anyone actually knows a Norwich fan in real life.

The 256g footballs are in shops NOW, so go and get one in time to share with any Liverpool supporting friends who are coming over to watch Frank Lampard’s young side tear their team apart next weekend.

This is a piece of sponsored activity with Cadbury.

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